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  1. Dá mbeadh soineann go Samhain, bheadh breall ar dhuine éigin
    If there was good weather until November (end of year - In Celtic Ireland Samhain began the New Year), someone would have cause for complaint
  2. Dá mbeadh báisteach go Samhain, ní bheadh ann ach cith
    If there was rain until November, it would only be a shower
  3. Ní bheidh sé ag fearthainn i gcónaí
    It won't always be raining [said to try to encourage someone who is depressed]
  4. Mura mbí sé tirim is fliuch is fearr é
    If it is not dry, it is better wet [Tolerate what you've got, if you can't do anything about it]
  5. Is olc an ghaoth nach séideann do dhuine éigin
    It is a bad wind that does not blow (bring good) to somebody
  6. Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb
    The windy day is not the day for mending the thatch (roof)
  7. Ná mol fear go bás nó lá go tráthnóna
    Don't praise a man until he is dead nor a day until it is evening [You don't know which way either will turn out]
  8. Ní fuacht go hEarrach is ní teas go Fomhair
    There is no cold to compare with the cold of Spring, nor is there heat to compare with the heat of Autumn
  9. Scairbhín na gCuach is garbh í is is fuar
    The bad weather of the cuckoo-time (end of April) is rough and is cold
  10. Ní torann tréan go tóirneach
    There is no strong (loud) noise to compare with thunder
  11. Báisteach ó Dhia chugainn ach gan é a bheith fliuch,
    Cuid an lae amáirigh go ndéana sé anocht

    Rain from God to us, but may it not be wet
    May tomorrow's portion fall tonight
  12. Is maith an cuan an cúinne
    The corner is a good harbour

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