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  1. Níl leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh
    There is no cure for love other than marriage
  2. Ní féasta go rósta, ní céasadh go pósta
    There is no feast without a roast, there is no torment without being married
  3. Má tá tú chun pósadh, pós anuraidh
    If you are going to marry, marry last year [Marry young if you are going to marry at all]
  4. Faigh do bhean i gcóngar, ach i bhfad uait díol do bhó
    Get your wife locally, but far from you sell your cow
  5. Má tá moladh uait, faigh bás;  má tá cáineadh uait, pós
    If you want praise, die;  if you would complaints, marry


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