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The Irish Lighthouse Series




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The Irish Lighthouse Series

'The postcard collection is worth every penny' Lorna Siggins, The Irish Times

The Baily Bull Rock Ballinacourty Blacksod Blackhead
Fanad Irish Lighthouse Set Barrack Point
Charles Fort Poolbeg
Broadhaven Altacarry
ILV Granuaile Fastnet South Rock LF Rue Point Inishtrahull

The full set comes into its own when each card is set in mounting card, each with lighthouse titles and hung on a wall in display cases

Full sets are unavailable at present

Made in Ireland

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Individual postcards are a 60c each or 2 for a euro plus shipping click here

View the Map and see where they all are

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There is also the Rock Island Set, 34 postcards for 17 euros plus p&p

The Rock Station Collection

and individual County sets see below.

County Sets

Perhaps you would prefer to choose a mix of postcards then please click on the Mix and Match button. Great if you are swapping postcards, or belong to a collector's club. You might have some of my cards, your friend some and you would like to get the missing ones, then this is how you can get them

Mix and Match

Content of the complete set as of January 2012

* = bonus card

Postcard # Title Postcard # Title
1A Roancarrig 49A Barrack Point
2E Fastnet 50 Sheeps Head
3A Fastnet 51 Tory Island
4A Galley Head 52 Fanad
5 Old Head of Kinsale 53A Rotten Island
6 Mizen 54A St. Johns Donegal
7 Ardnakinna 55 Helicopter at Fanad
8 Bull Rock 56 Duncannon North
9 Skellig Michael * 57A Blacksod
10 Inishtearaght 57B Blacksod
11 Cromwell Point 58 Broadhaven
12 Roche's Point 59 Blackrock Mayo
* 12A Roche's Point aerial 60 Eagle Island
13 Ballycotton * 61 Dunmore East
14A Youghal 61A Dunmore East
15B Hook Head 62 Rosslare
16 Crookhaven 63 Tuskar
17B Ardnakinna 64 Blackrock Sligo
18A Calf Rock 65 Arranmore
19 Skellig Michael 66 The Wheat Rock Buoy
20A Cromwell Point 67 Inisheer
21A Little Samphire Is. 68 Wicklow Old
22 Tarbert 69 Wicklow New
23 Loop Head 70A Slyne Head
24B Crookhaven 71 Rockabill
25A The Baily 72 Kish
* 25C The Baily 73 Poolbeg
26 Kilcredaune 74 St. Johns Down
27B Scattery Island 75 Donaghadee
28B Roche's Point 76 Inishowen
29A Ballinacourty 77 Balbriggan
30A Inishtearaght 78 Greenore
31A Beeves Rock 79 Inishgort
32A The Bull Rock 80 ILV Granuaile
33B Mine Head 81 Rathlin O'Birne
34 Sheeps Head 82 Blackhead Antrim
35A Spitbank 83 Ferris Point
36A Metal Man 84 Chaine Tower
37 Oyster Island 85 Achillbeg
38 Eeragh 86A Clare Island
39A Straw Island 87 Inishtrahull
40A Blackhead Clare 88 Rathlin West
41 Inishmore 89 Rathlin East Altacarry
42A South Rock lh 90 Rue Point
43A Howth New 91 Haulbowline
44A Howth Old 92 Mew Island
45 Dún Laoghaire East 93 Maidens
46 Dún Laoghaire West 94 Maidens Old
47 Copper Point 95 Dingle
    96 Mutton Island




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