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The Baily lighthouse for framing

Overlooking Dublin Bay, this is where the majority of lighthouse keepers and attendants learned their craft. Close to Howth it is often walked to on the heath and loved by all. The Baily was the last lighthouse in Ireland to go automatic. For many Keepers this is where they learned their craft.
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The Baily

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Side view

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Baily Baily
creeping up from behind # 3 # 4
Baily sunrise Baily sunrise
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The pictures # 5 and 6 were taken on a cold February morning back in 1995. I had risen early at my B&B in Howth and ventured out onto the heath for a walk before breakfast. I had come to Dublin to arrange for a postcard order. The aerial shots were taken about 4 years later when I went out to take pictures of the Kish and Rockabill

More views of The Baily please click here

The Baily

My thanks to Capt. Mick Hennessey for flying me in the Irish Helicopters Bolkow helicopter

John Eagle

all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography

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