Irish Lighthouses
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Lighthouse Oil Paintings

These are oil paintings of Irish lighthouses that I have painted. Each canvas is stretched over a deep frame, the sides of which are also painted as part of the main painting. They are all one off originals I have created, most are now hanging in private collections as they were painted for people

Light in a storm

'Light in a Storm'

8x24 inches


The Tearaght

The Tearaght

28x20 inches

Hanging in a private collection in America


'Lighthouse Relief'

The painting depicts Keepers of the Fastnet lighthouse rowing out to relieve those currently stationed on the rock which can be seen in the distance

28x20 inches

Hanging in a private collection

Bull Rock

'Guiding Light'

20x16 inches

€ 350



'Light on the Water'

20x24 inches

Roancarrig in Bantry Bay




16x16 inches



Tuskar Rock

Hanging in a private collection

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