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Spend a weekend taking pictures of lighthouses with John Eagle

There are 2 options, one a lot cheaper than the other.

Option 1 we spend a couple of days in the Keeper's Cottage of an actual lighthouse. This is the more expensive option because I need to actually rent out the Keeper's Cottage.

Option 2 we spend a couple of days at a B&B close to a lighthouse

Arrive Friday evening to catch the magic of the lantern, spend Saturday and Sunday at the lighthouse and local area learning how to improve on your photography, and leave Sunday evening. You stay in the Keeper's Cottage adjoining the lighthouse, with period furniture, books, models and photographs. A winter's day, stormy waves, a winter's night, round the fire. I love staying at lighthouses

Galley Head lantern

Watch the video of the light


The lighthouse properties are beautifully looked after by the Irish Landmark Trust Galley Head During the day we take pictures and in the evenings we will pour over our photographs looking at what we took and how we might improve

I have photographed every lighthouse in Ireland, had 2 books published, made a pewter model of the Fastnet and a postcard collection not to mention posters and numerous prints. I stay at lighthouses whenever possible

The great thing about staying at a lighthouse is the silent beam flashing overhead at night. It is almost like a friendly ghost creeping up on you and then passing, brushing over you

If you would like to come with me to Galley or Loop Head lighthouse for a couple of days then please contact me

Galley Head The cost is €450 per person for the 2 night stay at either lighthouse, price includes cost of stay at the lighthouse and photography tution. Minimum booking is for two people at either location. We meet at the lighthouse at around 7pm on a Friday and leave on Sunday evening. Or if you would prefer we can stay Sunday night and leave first thing Monday for a small additional cost.

The first option is we stay at Galley Head lighthouse, (above) which is not far from Clonakilty on the South Coast. The second option is we stay at Loop Head lighthouse in County Clare (below) which is beautifully wild and remote with steep cliffs

Loop Head Both lighthouses are self catering, or we can munch at places nearby. They have deep thick walls, making for cosy bedrooms if and when storms hit. The weather is irrelevant at a lighthouse. If its calm sunny weather, then we wander idly around getting lots of sunny pictures. If its stormy, then the waves are smashing against the rocks and we get great wave action shots Loop Head cliffs
Loop Head tower John Eagle The cliffs at Loop Head

I also offer week long tours of Irish Lighthouses. The Northern Tour goes up the west coast, along the north shore and back down the east coast, and the Southern Tour starts in Co. Clare and makes it way along the south coast to Co. Wexford


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