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Fastnet Lighthouse Paperweight

I have created this paperweight in February 2008 after years of being fascinated by the Fastnet lighthouse. Sited 4 miles off the Cork coast, standing up to a constant battering from Atlantic storms. The model is almost 5 inches in length, 2 inches in width and 3 inches height and weighs exactly 1lb in weight, heavy enough to hold down any papers in a gale!!

without plinth Painted without a plinth




Pewter hand painted

I made 5 of these before the mould broke beyond repair. If you own one of these maybe it will be worth something one day.


This model is no longer available for sale. I have one for my own. If you look closely, you can see the area to the left of the tower base is filled. This is a result of the mould breaking. While I suppose I could make more models, I feel reluctant to do anymore when they will not look correct in detail. So I have put the mould away and have no desire to make any further models. It cost me over 500 euros to make the 5 models, if you take into consideration the cost of the mould, the pewter and the making of the original model. However from an artist's point of view it was an enjoyable exercise and so what if it didn't make money, it fuelled my mind.

The model is a result of several years of trying various techniques. A labour of love pure and simple, which I returned to on a frequent basis until I got the model looking as close to the actual thing as possible. Getting the mould made was not easy as I tried various methods. Early models I did using plaster of paris, and latex which I brushed on, never getting the result and finish I craved for

....John Eagle, June 2009

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