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County Cork

There are 23 lighthouse postcards in this county

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# 8 Bull Rock

Canon A1 + FD 28mm

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# 3A Fastnet

Canon A1 + FD 28mm

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# 7A Ardnakinna

Canon EOS 100 28-80mm


Barrack Point

# 49A Barrack Point

Canon A-1 + FD 28mm


# 1A Roancarrig

Canon EOS 3 28-80mm


# 6B Mizen

Canon A1 + FD 28mm

John Eagle

Bull Rock

# 32A Bull Rock

Canon EOS 100 28-80

Sheeps Head

# 34 Sheeps Head

Canon A1 FD 28


# 12 Roche's Point

Canon A1 + FD 200mm



# 48 Charles' Fort

Canon A1 28mm


# 13 Ballycotton (JEP 274)

Canon A1 28mm


# 17 Ardnakinna

Canon A1 28mm



# 4 Galley Head

Mamiya 7

It is possible to stay at Galley Head, the Keeper's Cottage has been faithfully restored by the Irish Landmark Trust

Calf Rock

# 18A Calf Rock

Canon A1 28mm

The Bull Rock can just be seen in the distance


# 24B Crookhaven

Canon EOS 100 28-80m

Staging post for the building of the Fastnet, the granite was brought here before being shipped out to the rock



# 14A Youghal

Canon A1 28mm


# 35A Spitbank

Canon A1 28mm

Copper Point

# 47 Copper Point

Canon A1 + FD 200mm


Old Head

# 5C Old Head

Mamiya 7


# 2E Fastnet

Canon EOS 100

Sheeps Head

# 50 Sheeps Head

Canon A1 28mm

  Granuaile   Roche's Point

The Irish Lights Tender "Granuaile'


Mamiya 7


12A Roche's Point

Canon EOS 3 + 200 EF 200 2.8L 2


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Pictures below are not postcards
  Bull Rock roche's point

The Bull Rock, clearly showing the famous cave that goes through it

Canon EOS 5D + EF 200 2.8 L mk2

Roche's Point

Taken June 8th 2007 using Canon EOS 3 + EF 200 2.8L 2

  John Eagle
Myself beside the Gaelic Helicopters Jetranger which was flown by Captain Brendan Creedon when I took the aerials of Roche's Point. 'Thanks Brendan, much appreciated.'
  All picutres © John Eagle Photography
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