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Fastnet lighthouse in the Wild Atlantic Ocean, Co. Cork
Fastnet by John Eagle

First lighthouse built 1854, made of cast iron it replaced the light on Cape Clear. When the similar cast iron lighthouse on the Calf Rock was destroyed it was decided to build a granite one

My thanks to Capt. Colm Martyn of Irish Helicopters for flying me to the lighthouse and also to Capt. Mick Conneely

See it on the Southern Extreme Irish Lighthouse Tour

more views of the Fastnet


order code JEP 282D

#2 F in the Irish Lighthouse Series image code JEP 277

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oil painting

Above is a small detail from an oil painting I did featuring the Fastnet. To view the full painting please click on it. The original hangs in a private collection in Florida

# 3 C in the Irish Lighthouse Series

In the background of this picture you can see Cape Clear Island where there used to be a lighthouse prior to the one built on the Fastnet



Looking up to the balcony

Top of the tower

the lantern

The lantern

Print order code: JEP 292D

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I made an A2 print of this shot (24x16 inches) and was stunned by the sharpness and detail. Camera used Canon EOS 5D mk2

Fastnet 2009 Fastnet 2009
I only show the pictures that make the best prints, all taken by me with the best camera equipment available

image code JEP 341 D

image code JEP 356 D

If you would like a print from one of the images below that do not have a PayPal button then please ask me, the prices are the same as the other

Fastnet Fastnet Fastnet
#3 #4 # 5
Fastnet Fastnet Fastnet
#6 #7 #8
Fastnet Fastnet Fastnet 2009


The above 9 shots I took from the boat that takes us round the Fastnet on my tour. Yes we get this close! Why not join me, its great fun

Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour

#11 image code JEP 340D

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Fastnet 2009

#12 JEP 295 D



Fastnet on canvas

JEP 100 C canvas

20x30 inch print printed on artpaper sealed onto solid wooden bevelled frame

The 3 below are shot using film, 3A is a negative, the other four Fuji Veliva slide film

30x20 inch canvases available €275


Fastnet 3A


 Prints available from colour neg
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JEP 100

Fastnet 2E order code: JEP 100

Prints available from colour slide
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Fastnet 2C

Print order code: JEP 79

Prints available from colour slide
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My thanks to Capt. Mick Conneely for flying me for these shots

all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography

Why not come with my on my Southern Irish Lighthouse tour to the Fastnet each June. For further details and how to reserve a place with me click here

Below is an example of the artistic side of me. I have been told the rock is not quite as big as it should be, that my proportions are out, but at the end of the day it was fun to do
Fastnet model

Fastnet model

Fastnet model

75g model of the Fastnet, 3 inches high, 5 inches long, hand painted which means no two the same. The one in the middle (above) is actually made of pewter

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