Irish Lighthouses
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Ballinacourty lighthouse for framing

Ballinacourty details

52 04.7N 7 33.1W

Built 1858

Height of tower 13m

Height of light above MHWS 16m

Range of light:

White 10 n miles

R/G 8 n miles

Stands at the entrance to Dungarvan where I had my first major exhibition of oil paintings, at the Old Market Arts Centre in July 2005. The tab in the upper left will take you to my gallery if you would like to view some of my oils
7A 17 view from Helvick
#29A in the postcard series Image 2 View from Helvick
I have often thought this was a lovely cottage lighthouse, situated at the mouth of Dungarvan Bay in County Waterford. I go to Dungarvan on a regular basis because the Old Market House Art Gallery have requested me to exhibit my oil paintings there. So I enjoy returning to this place

John Eagle Photo


John Eagle Photo


John Eagle Photo
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John Eagle Photo John Eagle Photo John Eagle Photo
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An oil painting I did of the lighthouse. This is one of several oils I have done of the lighthouse. I know the gap between the lighthouse and Helvick is much wider than this, but artistic licence was available so I took it!!
  John Eagle  
all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography
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