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 Irish Resources Page

OK This page is meant to be a brief overview of Irish Resources, both North and South. As ever in anything like this there are going to be large gaps, if you know anything that might plug any of the gaps, please let me know.

No list of Irish resources could be complete without a pointer to Judith's great page at Transgen Ireland which has much more detail on the resources end of things than I could ever hope to put together.

Another spefically Irish site to look at is the site.

If you are just starting out and need to know who to contact have a look at the Doctors page.

OK I know this is going to date quite quickly, but the Costs tells you the approximate costs of all this and how you can even get some money back or maybe not pay quite as much...

What T* resources page would be complete without a Shopping page! :)

If you are looking to spruce up a bit, have a look at the Beauticians and electrolysis page.

This is probably the most use to TSs, for all you want to know about Changing your identity Irish Style. This includes Deed Polls and information on changing your passport details etc.

I stuck this up on St Patrick’s day and it seems to have stuck around... Irish sites in general

And finally, the Irish-T page this is the main information page for Irish-T, a closed list for Irish T* people of all persuasions to chat about what it means to be T* in Ireland today.

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