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 Irish-T: a list for Irish T* people

Ok this is the home page for the Irish-T mailing list. This is a list I set up some time ago for discussion on Irish T* based issues, not limited to any particular branch of the T* world. It is a closed list which means when you apply to join you will be sent a small message asking for brief details about yourself.  This is intended to protect the existing members of Irish-T



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This list is a supportive list for Irish trans people, whether at home or overseas.

Hopefully this list will:

  • Facilitate a safe place for debate amongst, and support of, all Irish trans people.
  • Facilitate a safe place for debate amongst, and support of, loved ones, spouses and families of Irish trans people.

The List is not intended as place to

  • Debate on labels, syntax or semantics.

Membership at first is closed, if someone wishes to join the list they will either have to be known to me through one of the other existing T* lists or have another member that can vouch for them.

Note that this list is *not* moderated, and even though the List Admin does read all the articles; they are distributed at once, without interference. There are, however, some rules that everyone is expected to respect.

Important addresses:

Irish-T@onelist.com -             Sends article to the list

Irish-T-owner@onelist.com -       Sends email to the list owners

Irish-T-subscribe@onelist.com -   Subscribe to the list through email

Irish-T-unsubscribe@onelist.com - Unsubscribe from the list through email

Irish-T-normal@onelist.com -      Switch your subscription to normal

Irish-T-digest@onelist.com -      Switch your subscription to digest

The Rules (basic stuff really)

No-no's include:

  • Personal Attacks

Attacks on others are not accepted - attacks on _viewpoints_ are. If someone goes for the man instead of he ball - to borrow a term from our foot balling friends - then the 'Bugs Principle' will apply.

  • Advertising

The usual Internet rule applies here - no commercial advertising, unless these are of specific interest to the list.

  • Flames

Flames are not a Good Thing. Yet, if someone says something that makes you _*mad*_ - then a flame might be appropriate. I would suggest that you cool off for 24 hours before sending it, and re-reading what you want to say AT LEAST 3 times. If you are still mad :), and still find it appropriate - very well. Just remember that anger or no anger, if it violates the Personal Attacks section of these Rules - appropriate action will still be taken.

  • Images and other Binary Stuff

Binaries, posted either as raw 8 bit data or as MIME encapsulated data is frowned upon. Don't do that.

In other words, please make sure that your software has "Send as HTML" switched off and that you do *not* use RTF (Rich Text Formatting). It may look nice on your computer but any mailing list works to a lowest common denominator in this case, plain ASCII please.

If you post a raw binary to the group, the 'Bugs Principle' applies - from "Three Times: ".

"The Real Life Link"

Even though this list resides in CyberSpace; on the Information Super-Highway, links to real life cannot be avoided. Therefore it will be the Policy of this List that the following real life situations will lead to protective action being taken, i.e. a BAN:

  • If a person active in the TS/TG/TV communities behave in a manner that leads the Admin(s) to believe that her/his presence would create a security problem, and the actions of that person is confirmed by means that withstand real life scrutiny. This includes forced outing of any person, the attempt of such, or attempts to use a persons status as TS/TV/TG to create problems for that person.


If a member of the list is angry with, or annoyed at, another member and his/her behaviour, the member is encouraged to make a Complaint to the admin.

This complaint will be processed as follows:

1) A complaint log will be started, with the date, time, name of complainer, and the complaint itself.

2) Into this log the name of the Admin handling the complain will be written, as well as what actions are taken.

3) A message will be sent by that Admin, to the 'offender', who will be given a chance to explain/apologize/etc. The text of this letter will also be entered into the log.

4) The response, if any, from the 'offender' is logged.

5) Unless the issue is resolved, appropriate action is taken, said action is logged, and the List as a whole is informed.


No article from this list is allowed to be spread in any form, be it electronic, written, printed, or spoken. This includes e-mail, ftp, www, gopher, and any other Internet-based for of distribution. All articles are (c) their respective author, as set forth in the Bern Convention on Copyrights.

The Bugs Bunny Principle

This is quite simple:

One time is a coincidence.

Two times are suspicious.

Three times: " You know that this means war, dont'ya ? " - B. Bunny.

The first time a rule is violated, the member will be asked to explain; or warned, depending. The second time, the member will be warned. The third time the member will be banned.

(the above is quite unashamedly based on the old phoenix list rules by Tina in Sweden)



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