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Hi all you nice people out in Internetland, welcome to my small part of the web. My name is Ciara, I'm one of those (wait for it...) Transsexual people that you are always reading about, seeing on the television, stuff like that.


A long time ago in a far distant galaxy I was on a mailing list for transgendered people, after a while I kind of got fed up making individual replies to people asking about the same things so I put this web site together to try and bring all the stuff I've learned over the past few years and put it into a nice (and ever so slightly) readable form and so it came to pass and Ciara's place came to be.


Although my page has (shock horror)SEX in it's search string (hello to all you nice people who have just learned how to yahoo) that is the one thing you won't find here. Instead you'll find information on how to change your identity, how to work on your voice and links to pages of many other people who have very similar stories to mine. If the whole thing has a slightly lilting Irish air to it that is probably because I am Irish :) But try not to let that put you off too much, there is a little here for everyone


So come on in, look around, take what you want, but remember all breakageís must be paid for...


(By the way, if you were here before and and wondered what happened to all the teddies, they all got rabies and had to be put down)


Please please please sign my guest book before you go too far though (ahh, you will, go on, go on, go on, go on,

 (pause for breath)

go on,go on,go on,go on.!)


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All complaints, thoughts, unpublished manuscripts should be directed to the management (thatís me)


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