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 Beauticians and Electrolysists

Not many here at the moment, (as you will quickly have noticed).

The Buttercups salon in "The Powerscourt Centre" in Dublin offer electrolysis for men as a matter of course, but I doubt they have much experience in TSs.

The Dublin Diathermy Clinic are meant to have more experience but as I have not tried them I can't comment at the moment.

The Hair & Beauty Clinic

Buttercups Beauty Salon

26a Powerscourt Town Centre

 Dublin 2

(01) 6794866

Dublin Diathermy

9 Parnell Square

Dublin 1

(01) 8745757

Hair & Beauty


If you are lucky to have someone local (like me) make sure they know what they are at. Removing male facial hair is not simply a matter of turning the power setting up, this can cause scarring sometimes. There is a good explanation of electrolysis for TSs at the The Looking Glass Society web page, it is very well worthwhile printing it out and giving to your electrolysist.

Another very good site on electrolysis is to be found at: Jokestresses Electro Page which is almost encylopediac in it's content. A very good site, well worth visiting.

BTW electrolysis hurts in case you haven't heard it already! It is a good idea to get a prescription for EMLA cream from your doctor. This will numb the pain somewhat but still won't completely eliminate it. For best results apply it nice and thick at least an hour before a session and cover it with an airtight dressing, cling film is generally the best. Leave it until the very last minute before taking the EMLA off.

Look here for the complete medical low down on EMLA

A few places in Dublin and Belfast are offering laser electrolysis. This is in itís early days yet and some say it works, some say it doesnít (See Andreas laser page for more details) There are two companies in Dublin offering laser hair removal at the moment. I did go to one for a test patch and was less than impressed, all that seemed to happen is I got a very bad case of sunburn in a small patch, the hairs were carbonised and came back quite quickly. It isnít painless (despite what the advertisements may say!) and feels rather like an elastic band being snapped against your skin. Itís early days yet though, more and more people are reporting success with laser clearances so it may be the next up and coming thing..

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