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Tech News

____Geek Media____________
Andover.net (open source news, community etc)
AntiOnline (the computer security insider mag -- hackers and hacking)
Cluetrain (the end of business as usual)
Contentious (ezine for online writers/editors)
Cult of the Dead Cow (the hardcore hackers; news, essays, and other subversia...)
DaveNet (Dave Winer's columns... also see Scripting.com)
DejaNews (not really geek news per se, but you can join a gazillion discussion groups, inc. UseNet groups)
Entropy Gradient Reversals (excellent satirical e-zine "dissecting apparently clueless corporate Internet strategies")
EurekALERT (latest findings from tech, sci and medical journals)
Freshmeat (open source discussion)
Geek.com (news, reviews, commentary)
JOHO (Journal of the Hyperlinked Organisation -- this is bitingly brilliant...)
MacOS Rumors (just what it says... one of larger, more reliable rumour/breaking story sites)
Need to Know  (UK's sarcastic tech weekly)
Offhand.com (links, quotes, commentary, software)
Rapidly Changing Face of Computing (from Digital...)
The Register (UK tech news and commentary)
Revolting (R.U. Sirius cyber-rants)
ReWired (archives and tart commentary/links from the cybercynics)
Salon's 21st section (tech/culture)

Scientific Computing and Automation (well, the title about says it)
Scripting.com  (Developer Dave Winer's page; good mix of news and links)
Slashdot (self-described news for nerds)
2600 (the hacker magazine online)
    Hacked websites (2600 offers some famously hacked sites, apres-hack -- inc. Labour and Conservative Parties... heh!)
Tasty Bits From the Technology Front (insider news...)
Technology Review (MIT's online tech magazine)
TidBITS (newsletter for the Mac Internet community)
Tom's Hardware (ultrageeky detailed reviews/stories on new h/w)
Your Mileage May Vary (Brett Glass's tech Q&A, tech readings, etc)
____General tech news sources__________
ABCNews.com: Technology
BBC Science and Tech News
Bloomberg News
C/Net (aka News.com)
CNN science/technology news
Computer News
Computermagazines.com (media directory of European tech/computer magazines)
Cyber Wire Dispatch (commentary etc on tech by Brock Meeks)
Ecola's Newsstand (links to online versions of tech print publications
ElectricNews.Net (Irish tech news)
Internet.com (news and links to further Mecklermedia tech sites/news)
Global Internet News Agency (aka InternetWire: tech news and press releases)
MSNBC technology news
The Nando Times
Netwatchers Legal Cyberzine (legal developments pertaining to the Net)
Newsbytes (Post/Newsweek tech news site)
NewsHub (tech news updated every 15 minutes)
PBS Technology section (with links to Robert X Cringely's columns)
Science a Go Go (science and tech discoveries for a general audience)
The Silicon Alley Network (news on NYC's Silicon Alley etc)
Silicon News (UK tech/business news site, with regular industry video interviews)
Technofile (a consumer, non-techie guide to tech gear)
TechWeb  (CMPNet)
Wired News
ZDNet Anchordesk
Webzines (general listing on Webzines...from General Webmaster Library)
____Online print tech publications_______
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: personal technology section
Atlantic: Technology and Digital Culture
Boston Globe tech pages
Business 2.0 (new mag from some ex-Wired folks)
Computer Currents
Computer Graphics World
ComputerLife (but does it come before or after death...)
ComputerLife UK
Cyberspace Today (free San Francisco mag)
eCompany (Fortune mag spinoff
Federal Computer Week
GLOBEtechnology (Canada's Globe & Mail newspaper's online tech news site)
Industry Standard ("newsmagazine of the Internet economy")
Inter@ctive Week
International Journal of Virtual Reality
Internet Magazine
Internet World
Invention and Technology (published by American Heritage)
Los Angeles Times: technology section
Microprocessor Report (and other chipanalyst.com publications/info)
NanoTechnology Magazine
.net Magazine
New Media Age (UK new media industry coverage)
New Media Review
New York Times technology section (registration required)
PC Magazine
PC Week
PC World
Red Herring (Looking for the next likely IPO...?)
San Jose Mercury's Good Morning Silicon Valley
    Dan Gillmor (SJ Mercury columnist, issues, arguments, etc)
    David Plotnikoff (SJ Mercury "Modem Driver" columnist)
Time Digital
UK newspapers
OnLine (The Guardian's Thursday tech and science section)
Interface (The London Times's Wednesday tech section; link is to main paper -- no direct link is possible)
Independent digital news (The Independent's online tech news section)


Tech Organisations
Americans for Computer Privacy (corporate/citizens' coalition)
Association for History and Computing
Business Software Alliance (BSA)
Center for Democracy and Technology
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Computer Conservation Society (British-based group)
Computer History Association of California
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (group concerned with the impact of technology on society)
Computing Research Association (academic research association based in Washington DC)
Computer Security Response Team (CERT) (report security incidents; info on all aspects of computer security)
Consumer Project on Technology (set up by Ralph Nader in 1995)
Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties (UK group based in Leeds)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Extropy Institute (Extropians believe in a future, merged technophysical world -- upload yourself!)
IEEE Computer Society
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Historical Computer Society
Information Technology Association of America
International Telecommunications Union
Internet Free Expression Alliance
Internet Privacy Coalition
Internet Society (the venerable top-o-the-foodchain organisation...)
Information Technology Association
MPeg Home Page  (The standards group's website)
Privacy International (UK privacy/human rights advocacy group affiliated with EPIC)
Technorealism  (Technotrendies in a group hug -- although apparently barely in existence at present)
Telecommunications Industry Association
The Web Police (part of InterGOV)
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (the Web's Grand Poobahs)


Tech General Resources
All About the Internet (histories, policy, conduct, legal guide, infrastructure etc from the Internet Society)
Anonymizer (free; allows you to surf the Net anonymously)
Anonymous Remailers (an article on reliable remailers)
Astrolabe ("ethical navigation through virtual technologies")
Corporation for National Research Initiatives (non profit organisation -- projects on networking and tech)
Counsel Quest (government and legal resources/links)
Free Internet Encyclopedia (explains Net protocols, etc)
Geek Nation (gotta love the intrepid "Tim". A radio show as well...)
Geek Pride Day (news on past and future Geek Nation-instigated celebrations. Next one, June 1999)
Hobbes Internet Timeline
Internet 2  (the academic sidekick to Next Generation Internet)
Networking Startup Resource Centre (networking in the developing world)
Opensource.org (open source groups, resources, etc)
Pretty Good Privacy (personal crypto)
Privacy resources online (EPIC's guide to PGP, anonymous remailers, etc)
Techlawjournal.com (decisions, news etc from journal dedicated to privacy, crypto, speech etc issues)
Internet Resources  (Q&A, news, etc from Internet.com)
Animating Human Motion (good introductory article in Scientific American, Mar 98)
Animation Central (U. of Utah site, where a lot of animation was born)
Computer Generated Juggling Animations
Digital Domain (LA animation company; did special effects for Titanic, etc)
Macromedia Shocked Sites Gallery
Pacific Data Images (PDI) (Animation company which produced Michael Jackson morph video and Antz)
Pixar (Steve Jobs's animation company; produced Toy Story and A Bug's Life)
Women in Computer Visual Arts, Effects and Animation (some interviews with women in the industry)
____Apple Resources__________________
Apple Computer
Apple Recon
Mac Central (general news)
MacOS Rumors
____Internet Administration___________
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (overall technical adminstrating authority authority)
    rs-InterNIC  (regional authority -- US)
    RIPE NCC  (regional authority -- Europe)
    Asia-Pacific-NIC  (regional authority -- Asia-Pacific)
Internet Engineering Planning Group (IEPG -- coordinates Internet operations globally)
____Internet Statistics________________
Atlas of Cyberspaces (wonderful maps of the geographies of cyberspace)
WWW User Surveys (from the Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center at Georgia Tech)
Debian GNU/Linux
Linux Online (the homepage of the Linux crowd)
Linux Center (tons 'o' links -- un version en francais aussi)
Linux HQ (latest releases of the kernel, documentation, etc)
Linux Weekly News (clear, well-structured site with latest news, press coverage etc)
___Open Source/free software movement__
FreeBSD (another free Unix-like OS)
Free Software Foundation (links and info on General Public Licence (GPL), Copyleft, etc)
Freeware Central (lots of free software downloads)
GNU (the project to create a free Unix-like operating system, with Linux as the kernel)
Internet Software Consortium
NewsForge (open source news)

Open Source (the granddaddy organisation)


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Last updated 18 February 2002