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some like it hot


These are some of the places I like best on the web and/or use regularly


Entropy Gradient Reversals (excellent satirical e-zine "dissecting apparently clueless corporate Internet strategies")

Industry Standard ("newsmagazine of the Internet economy"; their European newsletter is excellent)

JOHO (Journal of the Hyperlinked Organisation -- this is bitingly brilliant...)
Need To Know (Danny O'Brien's brilliant "sarcastic UK tech weekly")

News.com (general tech news)

Red Herring and Upside

Scripting.com (Dave Winer's mix of discussions, links, etc)

Slashdot (self-described news for nerds)
Tasty Bits From the Technology Front (insider news...)
Tomalak's Realm (great daily links to stories on the Web)

SiliconValley.com (the San Jose Mercury site -- tech stories, resources, columnists, share prices etc)

Wired News


Groups & issues

Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties (UK group based in Leeds)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Privacy International (UK privacy/human rights advocacy group affiliated with EPIC)

Privacy resources online (EPIC's guide to PGP, anonymous remailers, etc)


Geek stuff

Atlas of Cyberspaces (wonderful maps of the geographies of cyberspace)

Geek Nation (gotta love the place where Geek Pride Day started)
Hobbes Internet Timeline

Thinkgeek.com (geekwear, mugs, other amusing stuff)


Cool interactive stuff

M&V Toy Constructor

Largest Unused Block (a Shockwave artwork, using bits of the Mac as elements...)

Silicon Valley Tarot Deck (ohhhh, how I love this...!)
Superbad (pointless fun)
The TeleGarden (interact telerobotically with a remote, living garden)
Visual Thesaurus (by Plumb Design; this is curious and... even useful)
Weird Webventures in Online Advertising (a comic approach to flogging your web agency)


Art & Literature

The Libyrinth (site dedicated to Joyce, Borges, Eco etc)

Feed (one of the best online magazines)


Glassdog (huge list of curious/intriguing/unusual arts/design/hard-to-define sites)


And other stuff

WebSwim (the web's best swimming resource, created by Irish swimmer Donncha Redmond)

NPR Online (US national public radio -- streaming broadcasts for All Things Considered  and Click and Clack fans...)