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Technocultural Sushi(tasty, with odd things inside...)
Cybercinema (the history of computers and artificial intelligence in film)
Cyborg Consciousness (great reading list for Michael Joyce's course at Vassar)
A Dictionary of Sensibility (a hypertext approach to 18th c. texts of cultural sensibility)
Ditherati (heh! a daily quote from net/tech moguls, miscellaneous digerati, etc.)
Hypermedia Research Centre (University of Westminster, London; theory and practice...)
The Machine That Changed the World (history of the computer! Based on TV series)
Matrix (cyberspace exploration from David S. Bennahum, including his bi-weekly newsletter Meme)
Mind Uploading home page (merging with your computer)
Nerd Trivia ( trivial.net: the online geek quiz -- and the questions are hard!)
Synapse (HotWired's technoculture discussion space)
Technorealism  (Technotrendies in a group hug)
Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu's cultural studies pages at Univ of Calif at Santa Barbara)

____Online journals____________________
CTheory (online snippets from the magazine on theory, technology, culture)
Cultronix (a cultural studies theory journal)
CyberKind (a cultural chronical of the Networld)
Atlantic Monthly Science and Technology (essays from the Atlantic Monthly online and print magazine)
Infobahn Magazine (a cultural and intellectual look at the Net)
Postmodern Culture (online journal from Johns Hopkins Univ. Press)
Telepolis (excellent cybertheory German e-zine, in English)

Art & Technology
____Digital art centres__________________
Ars Electronica (Austria)
Arthouse (Irish new media art centre, in Dublin; the world's first new media centre...)
Dia Center for the Arts (NYC art centre for digital art)
Resonance (archive of pioneering virtual gallery at the Design Research Centre in Derby, UK)
V2 (art and technology centre in Rotterdam)

____Art and artists online_______________
Ars Electronica (annual European digital art event)
ArtNet (sites from the Guggenheim museum plus much more...)
The Blue Dot
Victoria Vesna 
FineArt Forum
Leonardo (MIT's digital art project)
RGB Gallery (HotWired's new media art gallery)
ZoneZero (analogue and digital photography)

____Online art journals__________________
Switch (new media art journal at San Jose State University)

Literature & Technology
The Modern Word (huge collection of essays on modern lit etc from people who brought you Libyrinth)Arts and Letters Daily (a huge compendium of links to articles on lit, philosophy, art, books, theory, aesthetics...!)
Fact5's E-Zine listings and resource pages
Internet Poetry Archive
Internet Text (Alan Sondheim on the philosophy and psychology of the Internet)
The Libyrinth (site dedicated to Joyce, Borges, Eco etc)
Logos (a multilingual online dictionary)
Theorists and Critics (Yahoo's list of links)
The Victorian Web (huge compendium of links on literature and culture)

____Literary hypertext___________________
Bibliography of hypertext theory/criticism/practice  (Eastgate's extensive bibiography of writings on hypertext)
Burning Down the House: the Challenge of Building Interactive Narrative (by editors of Interactive Agent)
Buzz-Daze Jazz (Carol Guyer on creating a rhetoric for hypertext aesthetics)
Chasing Our Tales (Mark Bernstein on hypertext criticism)
Eastgate (the major publishers of hypertext fiction; excellent links; order their products online)
E-Literacies (defining essay by Nancy Kaplan)
Grammatron (Mark Amerika's extravaganza, with soundtrack)
Hypertext and Identity (Amy Wise on Falco's A Dream with Demons)
Queen Bees and the Hum of the Hive (essay on feminist hypertexts)
Visual Structuring of Hypertextual Narratives (essay by Raine Koskimaa)

____TechnoLit 101 (some readings, reading lists and glossaries/encyclopedias)________
Technorealism's reading list
"The English Ideology and Wired Magazine" (Mark Stahlman on Wired as Brit rad-liberalism, not CA cybergrooviness)
"Way-new Technopomposity" (cynicism by former HotWired columnist Jon Katz)
Web 101 (HotWired's Web glossary)
"What Technophiles Need to Know: a Work in Progress" by Howard Rheingold

____Online magazines____________________
Blair (I love Blair! Especially the online games [gay or eurotrash?...])
Salon Technology and Business (Salon.com's culture and tech section)
The Obvious (little essays which arrive in your inbox)
Suck (very dry, very wry)

____Offline writers online_______________________
James Joyce
James Joyce Portal
Wandering Rocks hypertext (a chapter of Ulysses in hypertext)

____Electronic texts (print online)___________
Banned Books Online (an exhibit of books that have banned for various reasons, inc. Little Red Riding Hood...)
CERN online book catalogue
Classical Texts and Resources
ERIS Project (philosophy, literature, political texts -- from Abe Lincoln to Oscar Wilde to Churchill)
Octavo (interesting company doing pdf versions of rare books set up by Adobe/former Adobe boyos)
Online books (Yahoo's listings of hundreds of online texts)
Online books (an extensive list of catalogued list, including non-English texts)
Project Gutenburg (attempt to put 10,000 public-domain texts online by 2001)
Public Domain Electronic Children's Books
Western European Literature  (guide to collections of literary texts in languages other than English)

Online Toys (Come play...)
Animation Express (lots of animations to play around with at HotWired's new site)
Anthony's List of Internet Accessible Machines (hours of happy remote robotic fun on the Net...)
Antirom (London Web/music designers; their individual sites have some cool stuff)
Foreign Language for Travellers (lessons and audio files to improve that pronunciation)
Homewrecker (great use of Flash on this retail site)
Largest Unused Block (a Shockwave artwork, using bits of the Mac as elements...)
Modified (Bath, UK Web/music designers -- try out their sample files)
Silicon Valley Tarot Deck (ohhhh, how I love this...!)
Superbad (pointless fun)
The TeleGarden (interact telerobotically with a remote, living garden)
Tomrobinson.com (Tom Robinson's site with sound files of *all* his music, interviews, politics etc)
Visual Thesaurus (by Plumb Design; this is curious and... even useful)
ShakeItBabe (more mindless amusement)
Xavier the Robot (a robot you can control via the Net)
Icontown (an international pixel village of web icons)
Leisure Town (content rich)


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Last updated 18 February 2002