Have you ever wished upon a star
Or ever wondered why
There are so many little beams
All lighting up the sky.

Like tiny angels they appear
All dressed in clear and bright,
As if the Sun had splintered
Sending Crystals into night.

And constantly they shine on us
Sweet streams of Heaven's day,
As if the Sun had said to them
"Please go and light their way".

So many tiny beacons
Appear to us at night,
As if to send the message
"We are guardians of your sight".

How endlessly they shine on me
Pure pearls of Wisdom's charm,
As if to say "Please go your way
You're always safe from harm".

And graciously they shine on you
Fair flames of Love's embrace,
As if to vow "Together now
We light each other's face".

So many tiny angels
All guarding from above,
So strong and yet so tender are
These guiding lights of Love.

The light that glows on us bestows
Its everlasting mark,
As if to cheer "All Life is here
There's no-thing in the dark!".

And so it seems, these tiny beams
Depart when daylight comes,
As if to hint "We're not silent
Your're listening to the Sun".

And now you know, where 'ere you go,
From you they're never far,
On you they shine Life's light divine,
You're precious as your star.