ANGEL STORYTELLERS

                                            "Once upon a time -"
                                            This is a tale from long ago.
                                            So relax, have a rest
                                            And we will tell you what we know.

                                            Reality is changeless,
                                            Only good has ever been,
                                            The world of good and evil
                                            Came from Adam and Eve's sin.

                                            But just what really happened
                                            In the garden on that day,
                                            As they talked about their dream
                                            That all their wishes have their way?

                                            But evil wishes don't come true
                                            And Innocence relieve,
                                            So they would have to find a way
                                            To play a game of  'make believe'.

                                            They finally found what surely would
                                            Make all their dreams come true,
                                            For the apple that they ate
                                            Was like a sleeping pill, or two.

                                            It was their own free choice to dream
                                            And God allowed them sleep,
                                            Knowing they would awaken
                                            When they chose their Home to keep.

                                            For it seemed to them their Home was lost
                                            And no one heard their yells,
                                            What they forgot is what they got
                                            Was chosen by themselves.

                                            For pain and sorrow, fear and grief
                                            Can all seem very real,
                                            And even death, in dreams forgets
                                            Life lives eternally.

                                            So God knew they would awaken
                                            When they had enough, and then
                                            They would change their mind and seek to find
                                            Their way back Home again.

                                            And now that time has finally come
                                            So gently we will say,
                                            The world of dreams you think is real
                                            Will have to end someday.

                                            For the dream is nearly over
                                            And the sleeping nearly done,
                                            All lies begin to disappear
                                            Wherever Truth has come.

                                            For Reality is changeless
                                            And only good - you'll see
                                            An end to fears and no more tears,
                                            No reason will there be.

                                            The Home that Adam thought was locked
                                            In case they should re-enter,
                                            Eve sought and found and gave to him
                                            The key that God has sent her.

                                            For nothing good is ever lost
                                            And evil can't be found,
                                            But everything in dreams appears
                                            The other way around.

                                            Reality is changeless,
                                            Only good can ever be,
                                            The world of good and evil
                                            Came from Adam-and-Eve's dream.

                                            So wake up with joy and dance and sing,
                                            There is an end to pain,
                                            For Reality is changeless;
                                            It's the Truth, if called by name.

                                            This is a mighty tale we tell
                                            And when you see its worth,
                                            Earth returns to Heaven, and
                                            Heaven comes to Earth.