For those who chose a darkness,
So deep they could not see
The Light of Life that shines so bright
On all of them with Me.

All those who chose the darkness
To oppose eternal Light,
Just closed their eyes and live a lie
That they can die of fright.

With eerie visions all around
And weird imagining,
No way to know, no-thing to show,
This is no place to BE.

And chaos and confusion reign,
The nightmare uncontrolled,
"Why is the Day so far away?"
They think they do not know.

So into this forbidden tale,
Dear children of the night,
Way up above, the face of Love,
With eyes so full of sight,

Almighty beams of sunlight,
Clear reflections of the Day,
Flow strong and penetrating,
Reaching every piece of clay.

Sweeping over all Creation
So Its shadow can be seen,
Sorting out the real and true
From false and fantasy.

By tital glow to you It shows
Great tenderness in might,
As all your misperceptions
Are extinguished in Its Light.

All those who chose the darkness,
Look up and have no fear,
For Heaven's Light still shines as bright
And is reflected here.

To all who look with eyes wide shut
And cannot lose their sight,
Nor choose to lie, or choose to die,
Dear children of the Light,

If you need convincing
There are no dark thoughts to fear,
Just gaze awhile upon Its smile
And see them disappear.

All those who chose the darkness
To forget the Light of noon,
Can see the Day it goes away,
Thank Heaven for the Moon.