You are eternally the extension of My Being.  As part of Me, you are Creation.  Creation is ALL THAT IS.
You need never fear.  As part of Me, you cannot be destroyed.  Neither can you destroy.  Destruction does not exist.  There is nothing to destroy.  ALL THAT IS is Creation.  One and All, everywhere, always, eternally.

Listen and see if you can recall:

I AM CREATION and I create.  I share all that I AM with all that My heart desires
and become WE, Me and My Creation.  Now, My Creation has desires:

"I desire to be like You"

(1)    "I desire to be like You, the Creator of All Reality".
(2)    "I desire to be the Creator of You, just like You are the Creator of me".
(3)    "I desire not to be me, the Child of Creation".


"Then I can but sleep and DREAM".

(1)    "I will dream that I am the Creator of Reality.
        I will believe that I am the Creator of Destruction and that Destruction is real - although I know it is impossible".

(2)    "I will dream that I am the Creator of  Destruction just like Destruction is the Creator of me.
        I will believe that I have created my Creator - although I know it is impossible".

 (3)    "I will dream that I am not the Child of Creation but the Child of Destruction.
        I will believe that Destruction is the Creator of me - although I know it is impossible".

"I will BELIEVE"

"I will believe that I have the power to destroy - which I know I do not.
I will believe that I can be destroyed - which I know I cannot.
I will believe that I have an enemy to be destroyed - which I know I do not.
This enemy will be the Truth for the Truth will shatter my fantasies.
I will believe that my will is not my Creator's just as my creation's will is not mine.

I will believe that I have achieved all my desires - which I know I have not,

Creation, I call upon you now to remember what you have not forgotten.  Recognize your dreaming and awaken.
Put away your fears and wipe away your tears for all eternity for they are cause-less.  Only Creation has Reality, eternally unalterable and completely unaffected by dreams and wishful thinking.  Destruction can never be part of Reality for it cannot be created.  The time has come to allow the KNOWLEDGE of who you are replace the
BELIEF in who you pretend to be.  It is your desire and your choice now to remember and to awaken.

You are My Self.  Your love is My Total Love.  Your understanding is My Absolute Understanding.
Your patience is My Infinite Patience.  Your Care and Concern, as Mine, knows no bounds and your Giving is Limitless.
I AM All That I AM.  Be you all that you are.  Make manifest My Beautiful Creation and awaken to the memory of
My Love for you and your Love for Me.

 As you awaken now, let all the cold, evil shadows of illusion that lie heavy on your eyes, fade into the mist.
There, let these fantasies disappear before the warm light of Truth, as it shines throughout Eternal Day.
Awaken with Joy to the Heaven of Our Garden, which you never left to go wandering in dreams.  Here is HOME.

Now, go once again and freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil you shall not eat.  Not because it is forbidden, but because there is no such tree.
The fruit of every tree contains the Knowledge of only Good, for that is all that can be Known.
Evil is all that does not exist and can but be believed in dreams.  To die is not forbidden - it is impossible!
Death can be made believable in dreams but it will forever be unknowable in Reality.

With All My Love Eternally,


Big Bear Hugs from Me to you!