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The Time on Mars

Recent Mars News
Discoveries about life on Earth inspire Beagle 2
The nineteenth century spirit of discovery is inspiring the effort to land the first probe on Mars in the twenty first century. Last week, as if to give the inspiration a boost, the largely-British team building the Beagle 2 lander for Mars Express held the second meeting for 'adjunct' scientists in one of the finest nineteenth century monuments to discoveries about life on Earth - the Natural History Museum in London.
Red Seas
Michael Malinís quest began almost 30 years ago, when the spacecraft Mariner 9 snapped a few pictures of Marsís surface. The probe sent back photos of volcanoes, flood channels and craters - and some intriguing shots of mounds of layered rock in huge canyons.
Sign on to Mars mission
Lots of people talk about the need for a mission to Mars. The Mars Society, a nonprofit organization of scientists, space buffs and average citizens, is doing something about it - circulating a petition calling for such a mission to reach Mars by 2015.
Latest reports about Mars fuel hunger for more data
Since someone long ago first noticed its reddish gleam in the sky, people have wondered about Mars - and dreamed of going there. Now there's more reason to wonder and dream about the Red Planet.
Clinton foresees humans on Mars
Sending humans to Mars is "a question of when, not if," President Bill Clinton said in an exclusive interview with the Discovery Channel. Clinton also discussed the the International Space Station and the future of Earthís environment during the interview, one of many valedictory chats he has conducted during his administrationís final days.
Mars pioneer remembered
It was a clear September afternoon, 1992, and the VIP bleachers across from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station were energized. Mars Observer - NASA's first mission to the Red Planet in nearly 20 years - was set to go or blow. Sitting uncharacteristically alone, wearing a baseball cap, was a slightly built and unassuming guy named Gerald Soffen. During America's bicentennial summer, Soffen had been at the center of the media universe. On this day, the sidelines appeared to suit him just fine.
Martian rock could contain fossils See also: Land of lakes , Lakes on Mars , Mars may have been land of lakes , Mars shows traces of ancient lakes and Sedimentary rock on Mars suggests large, ancient lake beds
In what could be the most significant discovery ever made about the planet Mars, scientists say high-resolution pictures show evidence for sedimentary rocks laid down by ancient lakes and shallow seas.
Sedimentary Mars
In what ultimately may be their most significant discovery yet, Mars scientists say high-resolution pictures showing layers of sedimentary rock paint a portrait of ancient Mars that long ago may have featured numerous lakes and shallow seas. Listen to this story.
Stay tuned for new Mars discovery See also: Scientists Set to Survey Ancient Water Evidence
NASA scientists are preparing to announce a major review of the evidence to date for water on Mars and in particular the evidence for sedimentation at a press conference later this week.
The man who wants a return ticket to Mars
Gil Levin cornered the British scientist near the door. Heíd flown to San Diego at his own expense to try to talk someone at a conference of scientists into taking his latest experiment to Mars. The European Space Agency mission, set for 2003, looked like his last chance.
Frosty craters on Mars
The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has taken a series of images showing frost moving across the Martian surface.
Europe plays a major part in future Mars exploration
Starting with Mars Express and Beagle 2 and ending with a possible Sample Return Mission, Europe will be making a major contribution to Mars exploration over the next two decades. Europe's plans complement the new programme recently announced by NASA in the wake of last year's mission losses.
Life From Mars? New research brings up interesting possibilities.
In an exclusive article written for the Planetary Society's bi-monthly magazine The Planetary Report, researchers from Caltech, in Pasadena California, discuss their recent discovery that shows it is possible for a rock to be violently blasted off of another planet (in this case Mars), travel through interplanetary space, and re-enter the atmosphere of another planet (in this case Earth) without portions of the rock being heated over 40C (104F).
From Red Centre To Red Planet
Australia could may one day become a player in the international effort to send people to Mars, with the recent announcement of a grant to Mars Society Australia for design and construction of the Human Operations Prototype (HOP) Mars rover as part of Project Marsupial.
Mars sample return plan carries microbial risk, group warns
Should NASA bring back Mars soil or rock to Earth? While the space agency hopes to accomplish that feat within the decade, the International Committee Against Mars Sample Return (ICAMSR) warns it could infect Earth with an interplanetary plague.

Mars Observing Resources
MarsNet is the WWW arm of the International Mars Watch, a group founded by professional astronomers interested in Mars to facilitate better communication between the amateur and professional Mars observing communities.
The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery
An online book by psychiatrist and amateur astronomer William Sheehan, about a history of fascination - the story of a continuing line of amateur and professional astronomers dedicated to the observation of the planet Mars.
B.A.A. Mars Reports
A collection of reports on observations of Mars since 1997.
A.L.P.O. Mars Section
Contact information for the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers and some lunar resources provided by the association.
Mars Nomenclature Table
Official names of features on Mars as approved by the International Astronomical Union.
Clickable Atlas of Mars
This atlas will let you explore high-resolution color maps of most of Mars, with pages that should load quickly even without your having to buy a faster modem
Mars Data Resources
Mars Today
A daily poster depicting the current conditions on Mars and its relationship to Earth in four panels.
Daily Martian Weather Report
The latest martian meteorological measurements from the Mars Global Surveyor Radio Science Team are posted regularly on this page.
Mars (Views of the Solar System)
Comprehensive information on all aspects of Mars, covering the Mars missions, major features, animations and information on its two moons.
Mars (Nine Planets)
Information on the red planet with a general overview and more detailed coverage on the planet and its moons, the 'face' on Mars and Mars in the Arts.
Virtual Mars
Java applet draws the Martian globe as it is currently lit by the Sun. The user can turn the globe by clicking on it. Surface features and spacecraft landing sites are labeled for easy identification.
PDS Mars Explorer
The Mars Explorer allows you to get an image map of any area on Mars at a variety of zoom factors, image sizes, and map projections.
Center for Mars Exploration
NASA site with features including historical references to Mars, previous Mars mission information, tools to analyze Mars, current Mars news, and much more.
The Whole Mars Catalog
A non-NASA site dedicated to all things martian.
Exploring Mars
This site is intended to serve as a starting point for web-assisted exploration of Mars, and is designed to be used by casual browsers as well as those who are seeking detailed and authoritative information.
Mars Exploration Program
NASA site which covers ongoing Mars missions and a variety of Mars exploration science themes.
Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery
The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Image Gallery is now online. This site contains 57,500 pictures of Mars acquired by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) orbiter through February 2000.
Special News Coverage of Mars
CNN: Destination Mars
Keep up to date with CNN's ongoing coverage of the Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor Missions.
MSNBC: Mars Front Page
MSNBC's coverage of the Mars missions. Contains up to date and archived news stories.
JPL: Mars Missions
The lastest martian news releases from JPL. The site also contains all of the mission status reports for Pathfinder and Global Surveyor.
Mars Team Online
Contains live webchats about Mars with NASA experts; an email service (and archive servixe) in which NASA experts answer your individual questions; biographies of NASA experts and background sections and Mars mission information.
Mars Societies and Ventures
The Mars Society
The Purpose of the Mars Society is to further the goal of the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet. This is achieved by 1) Broad public outreach to instill the vision of pioneering Mars;. 2) Support of ever more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs around the world; 3) Conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.
Think Mars
Think Mars is dedicated to making human Mars exploration happen by overcoming the financial, managerial and political barriers that currently exist
West to Mars
The home page for those people wishing to support a manned Mars mission in the near future.
A site devoted to the terraforming and colonization of Mars.
Life on Mars
Life on Mars
A NASA research team of scientists at the Johnson Space Center and at Stanford University has found evidence that strongly suggests primitive life may have existed on Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago. This site contains video and animation clips related to this discovery.
Life on Mars
This web site is tracking new and breaking developments and providing pointers to related online resources following the announcement by NASA of the possible discovery of signs of early life on Mars.
Mars Missions
Mars Global Surveyor - Welcome to Mars!
The latest up-to-date information and pictures from the Mars Global Surveyor Mission.
Mars Surveyor 2001 Mission
The launch opportunity for the 2001 orbiter opens March 7, 2001 and extends 20 days to March 26, 2001. The earliest Mars arrival is December 10, 2001 when the spacecraft will be aerocaptured into a circular, near polar orbit.
Mars Pathfinder Homepage
NASA site which contains all the information and pictures from the Pathfinder Mission.
Mars Pathfinder - One Year Later
FLORIDA TODAY Space Online provides a glance back to the first extraordinary days of the Pathfinder mission.
Miscellaneous Mars Resources
The Enterprise Mission
The Enterprise Mission is dedicated to the expanding research program seeking the facts behind the discovery in the last 4 years of "intelligently-designed, ancient artificial structures" on additional NASA and Soviet photos, not only of Mars... but of the Moon... - For conspiricy theorists everywhere!
NASA Facts: The Face on Mars
In 1976 an interesting image taken by the Viking 1 Orbiter was received at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which contained a surface feature resembling a human or ape-like face. The photo was immediately released to the public as an interesting geological feature and dubbed the "Face on Mars."
Mars Meteorite Home Page
Of the 20,000 meteorites that have been discovered on Earth, only 12 have been identified as originating from the planet Mars.
International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
A group of professional scientists and amateur space enthusiasts who think there is a chance that a Mars microbe could wreak havoc on terrestrial species, which would have no natural defenses against the alien invaders.
Mars Books
Dark Life
US$16.10, 1999
The Hunt for Life on Mars
US$11.86, 1998
Mars: The Living Planet
US$25.00, 1997
Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet
US$25.00, 2000
Managing Martians
US$18.75, 1998
Mars (Space Science Series)
US$95.00, 1992
Patrick Moore on Mars
US$22.46, 1999
The Planet Mars : A History of Observation & Discovery
US$19.95, 1996
Lowell and Mars
US$25.95, 1996
Destination Mars; In Art, Myth, and Science
US$29.95, 1997
The Mars Project
US$9.85, 1991
The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet
US$17.50, 1996
Dead Mars, Dying Earth
US$20.21, 2000
The Case for the Face: Scientists Examine the Evidence for Alien Artifacts on Mars
US$15.26, 1998
The Martian Enigmas: A Closer Look
US$16.11, 1997
The Traveller's Guide to Mars
US$5.56, 1997
Red Mars
US$5.59, 1993
Mars: The Red Planet
DVD; US$19.99, 1999
MARS 2000: The Complete Guide to Robotic and Human Exploration of the Red Planet
CDROM; US$29.95, 1999