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  Astronomy Magazines on the 'Net    
     Ascending Node    
     Astronomy Now    
     Icarus - International Journal of Solar System Exploration    
     Popular Astronomy    
     Sky & Telescope    
     The Astronomer    
     The Starry Messenger    

  Science Magazines on the 'Net    
     Discover Magazine    
     Distant Star - Electronic Magazine of the First Millennial Foundation    
     Earth - The Science of Our Planet    
     Journal of Scientific Exploration
     Nature - International weekly journal of science    
     New Mars
Interested in Mars or things Martian? Be it Mars Pathfinder or Mars Attacks, New Mars aims to be the journal of record for the Martian frontier, now and in the future. [The on-line publication of the Mars Society].
     New Scientist    
     Popular Science    
     Scientific American    
     StarDate Online