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Historical Sources
Mir Position
Mission MIR
CNN site which provides news, pictures and mutimedia coverage of the Mir space station.
FOX News - MIR
FOX News site which provides news, history, timeline and mutimedia coverage of the Mir space station.
Space stations: Mir and beyond
MSNBC's site provides a selection of interesting Mir stories and a VR model of Mir.
Space Station Mir
NASA site detailing the history of Mir. Provides status reports, orbital elements, pictures and diagrams of the station.
Mir - Current News
Current and recent news about the Russian space station.
Station MIR
Mirror site for Russian Space Agency. Provides information about Mir's components.
Mir Visibility Predictions:
Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Tullamore.
Predictions for seeing Mir in the Irish sky. Gives preditions for the next 10 days.
As long as a NASA astronaut lives and works aboard Mir, this site will provide the latest news and information, history and objectives, on present and future phases of the space station program.
Mir News
News updates about Mir and associated events. Updated on a fairly regular basis.
Space: Mir
Ongoing coverage of Mir and associated events from EXN.
Keep Mir Alive
The Space Frontier Foundation believes that deorbiting Mir is an incredible waste of a potentially valuable resource, and urges a careful re-examination of the future of the Mir Space Station.