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These applets have been tested using Internet Explorer 3.0x and 4.01, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and JDK 1.1.3, all running on Windows 95. I cannot guarantee that it will operate correctly on other browsers, versions, or systems. Someday Java will achieve its promised portability - but currently it is not possible to be sure whether a particular system will run an applet correctly without testing it.

Click on any of the hyperlinks below to select a game…

 Skeet Shooting (Java)   A tough arcade challenge

 Classic Solitaire (Java)   The traditional peg puzzle

 Block Buster (Java)   Tricky block puzzle

  Lines (Small)  Lines (Large)   Traditional pen-and-paper puzzle  

        (Select the large version (650 x 518) if you have a hi-res monitor)   

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