Classic Solitaire (Java)

A Java implementation of the classic peg puzzle. The object is to remove all the counters except one which should be left in the central square. Just drag and drop the counters.

Of course, there are a number of Java Solitaire clones. This one offers a take-back / redo facility, and a nice woody background.

(The background may take a few seconds to load. You can start playing right away on the plain green background, and the graphics will update themselves when they have fully loaded.)

Detailed Instructions: A counter can move only by jumping over another adjacent counter, which is then removed. Counters can jump vertically or horizontally - diagonal jumps are not permitted. A jump must end on an empty square.

(Example: in the starting position, only four counters are able to jump, and the first jump must be to the central square.)

To move a counter, just drag it to an empty square using your mouse. (Place the mouse pointer over a counter and hold the left button down. As you move the mouse, the counter will follow. Release the mouse button when you have moved the counter to the correct square.)

The "New Game" button resets the position.

The "<<<" button allows you to take back one or more moves. You can then move forward again with the ">>>" button. However, if you backtrack and then make a move on the board, the ">>>" button is disabled. These buttons are blanked out when they are disabled.

That's all, folks!

This game is copyright by the author; it may not be posted on other sites without permission.


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