Gerry Quinn's Mathematical Games Page

This page contains a selection of PC and Java software, mostly related to mathematical games and puzzles.

  Java Game Zone  Play some arcade or puzzle games

  Tiler's Torment (PC)   Download jigsaw-like puzzle game

  Detective Chess (PC)   Download chess-related puzzle game

  Joust (PC)   Download chess-related strategy game and puzzle


Bindweed Productions

My latest entertainment products for Windows 95/98/NT are here…

Brewster Kaleidoscopic Screensaver

This spectacular screensaver simulates a kaleidoscope in real time - a must-see experience for any PC user!

Clear It!

A challenging shape-fitting puzzle game. Make rectangles of one colour from the multicoloured Tetris pieces, and the rectangle disappears along with all connected squares of the same colour.


Another super puzzle challenge - due for release in the first week of September!


 Lotto Odds (Java)   Calculate international lottery odds

  Cuigline My brother's Irish-Language version of 5-in-a-Row!

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