Lines (Java) (Small version)

The object is to make as many lines as possible. The rules are simple:

  1. Only eight directions are allowed.
  2. A line is exactly five points long.
  3. To draw a line, there must be at least four full points (large dots) along the line. (The missing point can be at either end, or anywhere in the middle.) The gap in the line will be filled by a new point.
  4. If the line is drawn through five full points, you get a spare point. You can play this point anywhere, or save it for later.


To draw a line, click on one of the end points - it will be highlighted. Move the mouse in the direction you want the line to go. Click again on the original point to cancel the line, or anywhere else to draw it.

To play a spare point, highlight an empty point, and click again on the same point.

The buttons "<<<" (undo) and ">>>" (redo) will light up when available. You can trace your steps back and forward as much as you want.

Target score is 150+. The limit is unknown…

I hope to introduce a high-score feature shortly.


There is an Amiga version of this game by Mika Kortelainen, also called "Lines", and a Mac version called "Morpion" which I have not seen.

This page is the small-board version (500 x 340) for those with lo-res monitors. The large (650 x 518) version is here, if you prefer it.


This game is copyright by the author; it may not be posted on other sites without permission.


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