Block Buster (Java)

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to clear all the blocks. You can only remove blocks from the ends of each row, and the blocks you remove must be the same colour. Furthermore, you must remove exactly three at a time (although you can change this by altering the difficulty setting). To remove blocks, select three with the mouse, and then press the SELECT button.

Detailed instructions:

To select a block, click on it. To de-select the same block, click on it again. Remember, only blocks at the end of each row can be removed.

New Game - generates a totally new position, according to the selections you have made. There is always a solution.

Retry - this allows you to try the same position again, if you failed to solve it.

SELECT - this button causes the selected blocks to be removed.

Difficulty - there are three levels you can choose. In the Easy level, you must remove exactly 2 blocks at a time. In the Medium level, you must remove exactly 3. In the Hard level, you can remove 2 or 3. The game starts at medium difficulty. Of course, difficulty is also affected by the number of rows, columns and colours. I'd be interested in your opinion of what combinations are best.

Rows, Columns, and Colours options- these let you experiment with different setups.

This game is copyright by the author; it may not be posted on other sites without permission.


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