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The Southwest

Irish South & West Fishermen's Organisation, The Pier, Castletownbeare. Email: Manager . The ISWFO has recently produced a discussion paper on the review of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Buy Irish Fish - seafood business information and links for the South West of Ireland.
University College Cork . The University's Zoology, Geography and Marine Engineering Departments have together formed the Coastal Resources Centre (Email). The Aquaculture Development Centre provides a range of services to the industry. The Zoology Department runs the successful M.Sc. in Fisheries Management (Email).
Sherkin Island Marine Station. Educational and reserch facility situated near the southwest tip of Ireland. Email
Lough Ine Marine Reserve - between Skibereen and Baltimore.
The Royal Cork Yacht Club was founded in 1720 and is the oldest yacht club in the world.

National level:

The Department of the Marine and Natural Resources is responsible for the conservation and management of Ireland's fisheries. For up-to-date activities of the Department try the extensive list of press releases. You can email the Minister, or the Minister of State (deputy minister).

Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) means the Irish Sea Fisheries Board in the Gaelic language. BIM is a parastatal charged with the development of Irish sea fisheries and aquaculture, and has seafood marketing offices in Germany and France.

Marine Institute Ireland's Marine Institute embraces fisheries research and ocean sciences.
Irish Marine. An new (1998) rapidly developing site in Killybegs. Irish Marine is a commercial web site providing links and services to the Irish fishing industry.
Royal National Lifeboat Irish lifeboats have historically been manned by volunteer crews and supported by community donations.
Commissioners of Irish Lights (Email) are reponsible for the operation and maintenance of the most westerly navigation lights and lighthouses in Europe. Notices to mariners available here.
RTE Weather Forecast
Today's weather conditions at Cork, South coast of Ireland; at Valentia Island, Southwest coast of Ireland
Shipping Forecast .

Ireland's Rockall Trust. Rockall is an uninhabited rock off the Donegall (northwest) coast. Its ownership has been the subject of discussion between Ireland and the UK.
Irish Times Archive search for marine & fisheries articles (try keywords 'fisheries' and 'Lorna Siggins', who is the marine correspondent for this daily newspaper).
Goal: Irish development aid NGO Goal has placed Irish personnel in fisheries projects overseas.


Gadus Associates. Gadus has one of the best fisheries sites on the web. There are well-organised and current links to most of the important sites of interest for fisheries. Gadus is probably the single best starting point for a search for fisheries information. If you cannot get a lead from the sites listed on this page, then try Gadus.

Sea-World from Fish Info Service, FIS International Co. Ltd. The site includes a trading market, market price information, market reports, vessel news and many other interesting features. There are Japanese, Spanish and Chinese versions also available. Perhaps the most interesting part of the site is Hot News, which groups articles from the world's news services and fishing industry on a daily basis. However the site tends to be graphics intensive and slow.

United Nations and other international organizations
Oceans and the Law of the Sea
Law of the Sea
Treaties: Marine and Coastal
Convention on INMARSAT
Food and Agriculture Organization
FAO Library
UNESCO The marine expert database

The World Bank
Asian Development Bank
World Trade Organisation

International Ocean Institute
International Coral Reef Initiative
FishBase : A Global Information System on Fishes ICLARM site
Marine Fish Sites from the Electronic Zoo. Index of fish sites

Guinevere Glasford's Fish Tales Perspectives !
Gary Sharp's - Its All About Time puts fisheries management into a geological timeframe with a technicolour aura.
AOU. An alternative view and an award-winning site (PG-rated).

Markets / electronic markets for fish and fish products

INFOMAR Project. This is a pilot project which is electronically linking 8 fish auctions in Brittany. It can be accessed through Schelfhout Computer Systemen N.V. The project will incorporate additional information on anticipated landings for the markets controlled by the Quimper Chamber of Commerce. Other major European fish markets, such as IJmuiden, are conducting full operational trials on the system.

Pan European Fish Auctions (PEFA) is based out of the Zeebrugge fish market. PEFA has a daughter market at Milford Haven in the UK. These markets operate with real time remote bidding based on auction clocks linked via a dedicated intranet. PEFA offers a fully guaranteed settlement scheme.

Seafood Net: In particular checkout the SeafoodNet Trading Floor where a wide variety of seafood buy and sell notices can be found. Part of the Multiplaza food web network.

Seafood Exchange: An electronic exchange including a trading floor, classified index and links to the NMFS Market Reports. The Auction Block: A Fishermen's Exchange is part of Seafood Exchange. An interesting site allowing Alaskan halibut and sablefish fishermen to pre-sell catch from the vessel.

Fishing Net: "The World Wide Home of Commercial Fishing" A Canadian site with a wide variety of market services and industry info. The Fishing net has a a trading board and hosts the 'International Fishing Ring', a network of commercial fishing sites.

Atlantic Seafood's Trading Board is a frequently used Norwegian bulletin board with buy and sell notices for a wide variety of fish products, particularly for NE Atlantic pelagic species.

Seafoodnet US site operated by Urner Barry Publications. A wealth of statistical information on US markets is available by subscription.

Fishroute. A site of over 1000 pages of information, much of which is devoted to European fish products and fish markets (8 languages available).

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Marketline Newsletter
Seafood Datasearch US markets
Access Unlimited, Inc. - Buy & sell Alaskan ITQs
Marine Stewardship Council. Using market mechanisms to promote responsible fisheries.
Info Fish Kuala Lumpur-based fish marketing service (originally an FAO project).
Fish Name Translator from the 'trade-info' site in Denmark. It includes the Latin fish names, numerous European languages, and Japanese.
The best angling shop on the net. Kilty Lures are not just lures, they are works of art - judge yourself by their web site.
Fantasia Fisheries Selling African cichlids (aquarium fish) in the USA.
Surplus Foods. Anyone for some discards ?

Europe / European Commission

DGXIV Directorate General for Fisheries - information on the Common Fisheries Policy.
European Commission - Directory of Directorates.
DG VIII Directorate General for Development - ACP countries
DGXII (MAST) Marine Science and Technology Programme
FAIR Programme
The ECU spreadsheets Exchange rates for Commission business
ECHO / INFO2000 Databases (changes due in site)

ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
MAFF, UK: Information on fisheries Official UK fisheries site
LEI-DLO Agricultural Economics Research Unit. Fisheries economics research
The Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories
Danish Institute for Fisheries Research
Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
CoastNET UK network of institutions and workers in coastal management.

USA & Canada

National Fisherman Homepage
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
NMFS Fisheries statistics & Economics
U.S.Coast Guard Programs and Services
NMFS Alaska Fish and Game - Commercial Fisheries Herring Page
Index of CRS Reports from CNIE US Congressional Research
Methods of stock assessment , or how do you fellas get those numbers anyway ?
US FDA/Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition: HACCP
Non-FDA Seafood and Ichthyology Resources and Guest Images Archive of downloadable fish images
FMA Fishermen's Association (California)
Shellfish Canada's National Shellfisheries Association
Business Development - Ni-Ka Online Canada / Japan fish trade
US Agency for International Development
The Pew Charitable Trusts . For information on the swordfish campaign in the USA. 

Marine Environment

IUCN Coast and Marine Programme
World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Check the Endangered Seas Campaign
BCN Environment Center. Extensive list of environmental links
SGLP WWW - Environmental Links More environmental links
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
UNEP Internet Information Exchange
Compendium of Sustainable Development Initiatives by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (home).
Mickey Glanz on ENSO Also check the NOAA ENSO page

Publications and Discussion Groups

Marine Resource Economics
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Ocean Voice International
Tuna Newsletter
Fishing News Books Home Page
Journals from IWR
More aquatic journals
IIFET International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade. Proceedings of the Tromso 98 meeting.
Fishfolk (listserv)
Law of the Sea 1997 debate
Terminology Conference on Maritime Terminology
AltaVista: Main Page Utility

FishyBiz Projects

UK Fishing Co-ops network project
Markets for Irish pelagic fish.
Global markets for herring.
Middle-East markets for Australian seafood products.

Fisheries resource assessment and management:
Management plan for Lake Cahora Bassa (Zambezi river)
Risk assessment of fisheries of the South Atlantic (not released)
Management of multispecies fisheries in the West African region.
Socio-economic analysis of fish culture in Central Africa.

Monitoring, control and surveillance of fisheries:
Southern African Development Community (Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania)
Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission (C. Verde, Gambia, Guinea, G. Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal)
Marine governance in Somalia in the absence of a central authority.
Sierra Leone (current)

Fisheries sector studies and projects
Syria fisheries sector study.
Libya fisheries sector development.
Western Indian Ocean regional fisheries project.
Preparing Estonia's fisheries sector for EU accession - EU Phare project.
Study on the economic impact of fisheries access agreements in West Africa.
Preparation of distance learning course for fishing port maintenance, improvement and construction (current)

Marine / aquatic environment:
Strategic Action Programme for the Coastal and Marine Environment of the Western Indian Ocean.
Environmental impact assessment in Cork harbour, Ireland.

IUCN European Sustainable Use Group on Fisheries. Secretariat: Email. Membership is in a personal capacity - members do not 'represent' countries, or institutions. Members with email addresses. Estonia , Holland , Hungary , Iceland , Italy , Ireland, Norway , Norway, Russia , Russia , Russia , Spain , UK , UK , Ukraine, IUCN/ EU .

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