UK Fishing Co-ops Networking Pilot Project

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1. Project objectives

The specific objectives of the project are to:

2. Partner organisations

The partner organisations in the project are:

3. Activities and outputs

The project is executed by:
The following are some of the project activities:
1. Preliminary discussions held with all participants and email accounts established for all participants.
2. Visit to Zebrugge Fish Auction in September 1998 and discussions held with suppliers of electronic auctioning systems - PEFA, and Schelfhout / INFOMAR.
3. Marketing and business strategy proposals for each participating organisation drafted.
4. Pilot web pages in preparation.
5. Web links of interest to participants listed on this site.

General information on the project areas:
The Shetland Fishing News
Sea Angling in Pittenweem
Maryport and Cumbria. Facts and figures
On-line guide to Maryport
Northern Ireland - the Ards Peninsula and Portavogie
Web pages of the project participants:
Shetland Fish Processorís Association. The members of the association are: Lerwick Fish Traders; Shetland seafood Specialities, Ronas Fisheries, Shetland Catch, Shetland Norse, Shetland Seafoods, Shetland Smoked Salmon, Shetland Smokehouse - Order online, Whalsay Fish Processors, and Sheltie:
L. Williamson (Shetland Ltd.).
Fishermenís Mutual Association (Pittenweem) - existing site is part of the Fife Food Initiative.
Fishing Co-operatives UK, Ltd.
Fife Fish Producerís Organisation
Maryport and Solway Fishermenís Association
Northern Ireland Fish Producersí Association

Other links of interest:
'The Highland Trail - Smoked Salmon and Other Fish'
Hallvard Leröy AS - Links
Denholm Fishselling Ltd.
L Marie - ordering fish from the vessel
Her Majesty's Stationery Office Official UK government publications

See market links also for examples of electronic seafood markets on the web.

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