Irish Lighthouses
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Aranmore lighthouse for framing

I remember the cliffs, driving to the lighthouse and being wary of them close to the road on my left. Fine until I had to turn the car round, that fear of what might happen... That was in the mid 90s. I recently returned with the 2012 Northern Irish Extreme Lighthouse Tour 2012, 8 members of the ALK (Association of Lighthouse Keepers of which I am also a member)

Arranmore Arranmore
The above pictures were taken with my 21.1 mega pixel Canon with L series lenses and will easily enlarge to make big prints, the ones below were taken with my old Canon A-1 using slide film and will not make as good prints.
7A 17
#65 in the postcard series, shows wildness of the location Image 2
#3 #4
3 4
all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography


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