The Eversons of Occold

This web site follows the descendants of Hezekiah Everson of Occold, Suffolk. However, I have a lot of additional information on his children and other relatives, just e-mail me for a GEDCOM file.

In November 2000 I had, to my knowledge, one Everson relation. A couple of months later I had over 120.

I have downloaded all the Eversons from the 1901 census. I have put these into an Excel spreadsheet and grouped them according to the house they lived in. I have coloured those which belong to a "family" I have discovered that of the 1355 Eversons, I am related to 75 of them. A worthwhile task.  I have referenced my 75 and would love to hear if anyone else can claim some of the others, or even mine!

Occold seems to be the centre of what can nearly be described as the incestuous home of the Eversons. the first Everson relative I knew about was Mary Elizabeth Everson who was my great grandmother. She was born in Occold in 1861 and died in 1943, having lived long enough to see her first great grandchild - my brother Roger. She kept a Birthday Book which was inherited by my Great Aunt Grace and she continued the entries and included my own birth in 1945. I now have this book in my possession.

Please contact me - Valerie Stevenson