The Cossey Family of the Waveney Valley

The Cossey family we are tracing starts with William Cossey who was born before 1742 in the Norfolk/Suffolk area. The area covered is Earsham, Syleham, Horham, Kirby Cane, most in the Waveney Valley.Hover over the box for the hyperlink.  A family tree icon linking to the Cossey family is at the bottom of the page.  UPDATE  24 July 2002.  The Tree at the bottom of the page has been updated and starts with Samuel Cossey born about 1707.  Hope to update the actual web page soon!  VS

When I first started putting information into my family tree I was very lax at putting in sources so I would appreciate confirmation of any facts which are unsubstantiated.

5 generations
Will of Stephen 
Bill of Complaint re: Charlotte's will
The story of the Cossey family from Julie Walker

I would appreciate receiving more information - I know there's lots out there.

Valerie Stevenson (nee Denny) living in Ireland, brought up in Harleston, Norfolk.


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Information has been received from the following people:

Name Nearest Cossey Ancestor
Julie Walker (JW) Francis Cossey born 1785 ???? and others
Russell Cassey (RC) Himself!
Pamela Brown (PB) Ethel Jane Cossey born 1890
Sandra Chapman (SC) Rhoda Cossey born 1780
Cheryl Radigan (CR) Rhoda Cossey born 1780
Valerie Stevenson (VS) Rhoda Cossey born 1780
Peter D Arnold (PA) Alice Marie Cossey born 1907




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