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The ever-spreading pervasiveness of the World Wide Wait has led to a plethora and a half of webpages through which many simple unassuming nerds have become legends in their own lifetimes, much to their surprise and inconvenience.  I think I can say with all due modesty that by careful choice of subject and skilful implementation of my ideas, I have managed to avoid that particular trap.

However, the other main function of the WWW, the publication of material designed to corrupt, mislead, irritate or cheat anyone unfortunate enough to come across it, is much more in line with my preferences, so making this Untramielled Adventures site proved an irresistable temptation.

I have recently discovered that a few kindly souls have linked to this page, and while I don't think anybody would be greatly inconvenienced by following the link, unless they were sufficiently persistent as to actually reach the current home of the games,  it seems churlish to repay the compliment by letting broken links deface their otherwise excellent sites, particularly when Cut & Paste is so easy.  So this page has been updated.

Linux and dos versions of my oeuvre  are available.  The games are equally playable and editable with either.  So far, only 256-color mode has been implemented.  The Linux versions of the executables will need Allegro and the standard libraries, but the Dos versions are standalone (and bigger).

The demo game, Escape from Demon's Trandum, and the standard databases are here, and are rather big, 620k zipped, as they contain a lot of graphics which are used in my other games and can be used for creating more.  Here is a little bit about playing the demo.

Hexplay, the runner, has to be downloaded as well, either the Dos or Linux version, and if you want to show me up by making a better game or correct any bugs or misspellings you find in the games, you'll also need Hexaid, Dos or Linux.  Hexaid comes with a large but disorganised manual.  Both should go in the same directory as the databases.

The source for Hexplay and Hexaid and the MAD library  they use. with a couple of barely functional Makefiles, is available here.  If you want to read it, Good Luck; if you want to improve it, my best wishes.

A Story About a Couple of Small Towns is the second game to be updated; it shows how more art can be added, and has one fairly serious fight; find out more here.  The plot is also the basis of this story.

Windy City Pains is an over-ambitious undertaking which uses the engine to emulate guns rather than magic (from the target's point of view, there's not much difference). There are a lot of fights, some of which are serious in their place, a few more bits of artwork, and a lot of wandering about to get things. I hope there's also enough gameplay to justify it. Read the Mykinda Town Guide.

 The Anchovy Trilogy is the obligatory trilogy, and cosists of Anoraks of Doom  The Towers of Saucisse-Notah and Pizza Reaction. They can be played consecutively with the same party, individually or not at all. I am particularly proud of the fact that, unlike certain popular printed works, when I say 'Trilogy', I do mean 'three parts'.

Picmake is the utility for those who have a refined taste in art, but still want to play with Hexaid (Are there any?).  It makes new pictures from png's or pcx's, which can be incorporated into your own game.  Again, Dos or Linux.

The main scenery is tortured into shapes by Shaper (Dos or Linux).  These files will help you get started.

Spritone makes the combat sprites for the battle scenes; Dos or Linux, and a collection of samples.

    The source code of the minor graphics tools is available for the asking, but I haven't any Makefiles for them yet.

    If you find the MAD library more interesting than the games, you can read more about it here, and download the Resource Editor which is an essential tool for anyone attempting to program in it.

This program has been brought to you by the letters  A and X  and the number 101010.

Updated 20/1/2001

This software is distributed under the BeWare License.

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