Chuck it out

Escape from Demon's Trandum

Since I first started programming Untramielled Adventures as a callow, idealistic quintagenerian, many things have changed, not least the number of birthdays I celebrate in a three year period.  I have succeeded in finding Fame and Fortune, on the same page of The Dotcom Millionaire's Dictionary as Failure, Fraud and the other word they have started to use a lot since the bubble burst.

I have, as you know, appeared on National TV, though I felt very much out of place, as the other people who shared the program with me were able to promise millions of dollars to everybody for a few minutes light work and I had nothing to offer but blood, sweat, toil and a simple little game.  By the way, which one did you vote for?

I have also given a couple of Net interviews about the history of Untramilelled Adventures, which you can read here, but mainly I have developed Untramielled Adventures to be, probably, the pinnacle of my personal programming practice.

I would like to individually thank both the people who enjoyed it enough to comment favorably on The Linux Game Tome, but their doctors have told me that while the medication seems to be working, and the prognosis is favorable, it is essential that they be allowed to put this unfortunate incident behind them.

So, why do I keep doing it?  It's a hobby; some people want to write sane, robust Operating Systems, others want to count how many minutes they can go between BSODs, one or two wonder how many international treaties they can tear up in a four year period.  I wanted to program a Computer Role Playing Game generator and write games with it.

But enough about me; how have things been for you?  Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.  Still, it could be worse; if you don't believe me, click here, and you will find yourself on my Downloads page.  Once there, you have the gruesome possibility of getting my games, and realising what trouble really is.

Updated 15/8/01

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