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Windy City Pains

[An apology to our readers, and we hope they are both keeping well

We had hoped to present an argument between a well-known proponent of free software and an even more famous billionaire on Software licenses I have loved, and had issued invitations to each of them without mentioning the other, so we were surprised when a certain reclusive Finn turned up, carrying a false beard and a pair of granny glasses, to ask which of his public personae we actually wanted.

We considered the possibility of a dramatic monologue with costume changes, but quickly decided we needed a different performing monkey, er, interviewee, so mounted a quick search and were fortunate to discover the programmer/designer of Untramielled Adventures where we had left him a year ago - on the sidewalk outside the studio, sipping something from a paper sack.

A synopsis of his previous interview can be found here.]

Welcome back.  Are you pleased or disappointed with the public reception of Untramielled Adventures?

A little bit of both, but more pleased, I think.  I always knew that Atari users had great taste, and the Linux community, apart from their unfortunate choice of hardware, are not far behind, and their attitude to Untramielled Adventures only confirms this.  Talking about taste, my paper sack seems to be empty; can I borrow yours?  Just a drop?

No, you can't.  Do you have any plans for improving this situation?

If the two big lugs who carried me in weren't standing at your back...  Oh, you mean...  Yes, I'm using a three pronged attack.  Shorter games, better, animated graphics and targetting a less discerning audience.  I also find asking for loose change very helpful; do you have any?

When you say 'less discerning', you mean... ?

Yes, I'm now going for the WinDos market.  Only djgpp, of course; I do still have some standards.  I mean, I don't panhandle nuns, Witnesses or Congressmen, and you haven't answered my question.

Has this been a strain on your resources?

Well, there's a lot more grey in my beard than there was when I started, but, then, there's a lot more soup in it too.  I guess I'll have to wash it one of these years.  And, by the way, you look like a man who could recommend a good soup kitchen...?

There were rumors of an IPO a few months ago?

Only rumors, I'm afraid.  They seem to have started when I dropped a nearly full paper sack - did I mention this one's empty? - and I yelled: Man! Am I PO'ed!  There were a couple of financial editors in the gutter at the time, and you know what those guys are like for getting the wrong end of the stick.

I suppose you'll be wanting free advertising for this?

And a new paper sack; your goons promised me one if I stopped struggling and co-operated.  But I doubt being advertised here will do me much good; nobody reads your stuff.  Why don't you try for something a bit more up-market and controversial, like, say, an argument between a well-known proponent of free software and an even more famous billionaire on Software licenses I have loved?