The Inventor
The inventor, Noel Hensey of Noel Hensey & Associates, an engineer by profession, is a former employee of Oral-B Laboratories where he was employed for a period of eight years. During that time he was involved in the development of many of that companies' new oral care products and manufacturing systems.

This experience led him to the realisation that, as in the case of many other products e.g. training shoes, golf clubs and washing powder, claims of advantage to the user in respect of most new toothbrush designs are also without foundation. For example, one does not need indicator tufts in order to decide when a toothbrush needs to be replaced. In spite of their lack of advantage, new toothbrushes sell in vast quantities.

Conscious that an oral care consumer product that offered 'real' advantage to the user would have enormous market potential, Noel Hensey therefore resolved, on retiring from Oral-B, to try to invent such a product.
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