US War Plans against Iraq


From the Irish CND President:

26 February 2003

Dear Editor,

In your issue of February 21, Conor OClery makes startling revelations about the US government creating a whole new generation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.


It is almost impossible to measure the hypocrisy of a government thinking it has the right to chastise a particular tyrant and slay hundreds of his innocent citizens with E-bombs and other barbarous weapons, while taking on itself the right, without consultation with anyone, to make its already far too lethal arsenal of weapons still more lethal.


Does the US government not yet know that the world knows perfectly well that its quarrel with Iraq is not over weapons but over a huge oilfield that the influences that design Bushs policies for him greedily covet? Bush and his circle will not be in the smallest peril if war comes nor well their cringing disciples here and elsewhere, on whose heads and consciences (if they have any) the blood of hundreds of innocent Iraqi citizens will swill for ages to come.


If those wholly safe warmongers knew what modern war is really like, perhaps they might start thinking again like normal human beings.


John de Courcy Ireland

President, Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


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