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PRESS RELEASE 6th. August 2003

1.00 p.m. Wednesday 6 August 2003
Merrion Square Dublin

It is fifty-eight years since the world witnessed the horrors inflicted on the people of Hiroshima when tens of thousands were killed by the atomic bomb. At no time since 1945 has the threat presented by nuclear weaons and waste been more real and alarming than it is today. People in many countries around the world join together every year to commemorate those victims.

The Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will be holding its Annual Hiroshima Day Commemoration this Wednesday, August 6th., at 1.00 p.m. in Merrion Square Park, Dublin at the Hiroshima Memorial Cherry Tree, planted by C.N.D. in 1980, in the north-west corner of Merrion Square (the Leinster House end).

The commemoration will be opened by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Deirdre Heney, and speakers include Dr. John de Courcy Ireland, President of Irish C.N.D. Scottish-Irish poet Paul Grattan, will read some of his poems. Irish and German children will lay a wreath.

Fr. Fergal Brennan, S.J., Acting Chairperson of Irish C.N.D., calls on the government, and especially, the minister for Foreign Affairs, to work to have Sellafield closed and safely decommissioned, at a time when ships full of nuclear waste travel up the Irish Sea, putting all of our lives at risk. He also demanded that the Minister should use Ireland's international position, especially during the Presidency of the European Union, to campaign strongly for international peace. "The states with weapons of mass destruction are lining up for terrible conflict. We know that at least 9 states have nuclear weapons, and 19 have chemical weapons and 13 have biological weapons. The Habakushi (Japanese victims of nuclear radiation) who joined us for our ceremony the year before last, are a powerful reminder of the suffering even of those who 'survive' a nuclear attack."

Irish C.N.D. President John de Courcy Ireland pleads with people everywhere to work to create an international front against nuclear weapons. "Without such a front, we are in deadly danger of the next international crisis turning into a nuclear war', [especially] if some arogant national leader decides to settle his country's differences with another by using a weapon of obliteration."

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