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Press Statement - Press Statement - (Embargo: 12 Noon Jan. 26 '98)






IRISH CND CRITICISES "Government's about-turn on Irish Neutrality"


Irish CND today calls on the Irish people to vote "No" to the Amsterdam Treaty in the forthcoming referendum. CND deplores the government's "about turn" in attempting to forego future referenda on military neutrality and calls for a balanced and honest debate on the full implications of that treaty as it is currently worded.

CND believes that the 'common defence' implications of this treaty would spell the end for Ireland's unique reputation as an international peacekeeper and as a widely acknowledged and respected opponent of nuclear weapons-based military alliances. Accordingly, we ask the Irish people to vote 'No' in the coming referendum and to demand a re-negotiated treaty that acknowledges and respects our neutrality.


Billy Fitzpatrick,

National Chairperson,

Irish CND.

(Contact number: 01-490 1795)


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