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Iraq war:

Letter to the Taoiseach and to the Minister for Foreign Affairs protesting against the use of Shannon Airport.

Letter to the French Ambassador delivered on 25 March 2003 congratulating the French government on its stand against the war.

A letter from the Chairperson of Irish CND contrasting the attitudes of the French and Irish governments to the threatened war on Iraq, published in the Sunday Business Post.

A letter from the Chairperson of Irish CND on the attitude of the Irish government to the crisis over Iraq, published in The Irish Times, and a further letter in response to a critic.


European Constitution:

Submission to the National Forum on Europe.

Platform of the Campaign Against the European Constitution - For Social Justice and Democracy in Europe, to which Irish CND has decided to affiliate.

Resolution passed by the AGM of Irish CND on opposition to the European Constitution: Irish CND will oppose the Draft Constitutional Treaty in the forthcoming referendum on the grounds that it assists further militarisation of Europe, requires Ireland to give a mutual defence commitment which ends neutrality, reduces the scope of any independent Irish foreign policy, and enables future growth of EU power without democratic control.

Analysis of the changes which would be introduced by the European Constitution, in the area of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Text of the European Constitution.

Commentary on the European Constitution by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which reproduces the text and specifies which clauses are new, changed, or already in the existing treaties. (Download from that page the sections 'Introduction' and 'Parts 1-4'.)


Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs:

Irish CND made a submission to the Joint Committee for the purposes of its discussion of the enlargement of the European Union. The Vice-chairperson of Irish CND addressed the Committee by invitation on 20th March 2002.


European Network on Peace and Human Rights:

This was formed at a conference held in Brussels in January/February 2002. It was first proposed by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and Irish CND signed the appeal for it. This is the press communiqué issued by the conference, which was attended by a delegate from Irish CND.


National Forum on Europe:

Irish CND made a submission to the Forum which was established by the Government after the defeat of the referendum on the Treaty of Nice. The Vice-chairperson of Irish CND addressed the Forum by invitation on 11th February 2002, and a transcript of the day's session is available (search on "Irish Campaign" to reach the start).


Afghanistan War:

A letter from the Chairperson of Irish CND condemning the authorisation of the use of Irish airports for the Afghanistan war, published in The Irish Times (under the heading 'Terrorist attacks in the United States": subscribers only).

Some links to commentaries on the situation following the New York and Washington attacks are provided by Ocean Press Pty.


Treaty of Nice:

The Treaty was passed by a referendum held in October 2002. Irish CND appealed for a Vote No and contributed to the campaign of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance.

A previous referendum on the Treaty was held in June 2001, and the Government's proposal was defeated. Irish CND appealed for a Vote No on the following basis:

Vote No to Ireland allying with the nuclear-armed NATO.

Vote No to Ireland participating in a European Union military structure, alongside the nuclear powers Britain and France. Denmark doesn't participate.

No common defence policy. No permanently-organised European military force. Concentrate on our peacekeeping work with the United Nations.

Don't dilute Irish neutrality any further. Neutrality means the ability to make decisions on each issue that comes up - it does not mean simply (as the Government claims) the lack of a commitment to mutual defence.

Protest against the Government's decision to put us into the "Partnership for Peace" without a referendum.

Irish CND made a submission to the Referendum Commission which had the job of publicising the arguments for and against. Our submission gave our arguments for voting No. Here is the press release announcing it.

A background summary was compiled in January 2001: this link includes an updating note for March 2001.


European Union Defence Initiatives:

A letter from the President of Irish CND published in The Irish Times in July 2000.


Partnership for Peace:

PfP Nato's new political weapon, DU Nato's new "peace" weapon:this leaflet on the Partnership for Peace and depleted uranium was issued by Irish CND in September 1999. For copies of the leaflet, e-mail here. For the text of the leaflet, click here.

A letter on the Partnership for Peace published in the Irish Examiner under the title 'Choosing your bomb target' and in The Irish Times under the title 'NATO attacks on Yugoslavia' (second item: subscribers only), from the Chairperson of Irish CND in April 1999.

A pamphlet on the Partnership for Peace, published jointly by Irish CND and the Peace and Neutrality Alliance in January 1999.

A letter to newspapers on the Partnership for Peace submitted in November 1998.

Details of the Partnership for Peace are provided on the AfRI web-site.


Report on Irish neutrality, 1997-98:

ICND document



A press statement in February 1998: Irish CND criticises US on the Gulf issue.


Treaty of Amsterdam:

A report of a press conference held by Irish CND on the Amsterdam Treaty in May 1998, published under the heading 'Neutral stance will be eroded by pact' in the Irish Examiner. Full text of the press release on this occasion.

A letter published in The Irish Times in May 1998 from the Chairperson of Irish CND.

The text of Irish CND's submission to the Referendum Commission which presented information for and against the Amsterdam Treaty to the electorate.

An article published in Irish CND's newsletter Peacework (Spring 1998) on the Amsterdam Treaty.

A press statement in January 1998 calling for a No vote in the referendum.


Report on Irish neutrality, 1996/97:

Irish CND document


White paper on foreign affairs:

In preparation for the Government's white paper on foreign affairs, the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs invited submissions. This is Irish CND's submission in October 1994.


Threats to Irish neutrality:

Article for "Peacework", written in April 1995.


Relevant links:

Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA). Irish CND is affiliated.

Campaign against the EU Constittion: For Social Justice and Democracy in Europe: Irish CND is affiliated.

NGO Peace Alliance: Irish CND is affiliated.

National Platform, 24 Crawford Ave., Dublin 9. Tel. (01) 830 5792. Opposed to attempts to move the European Union in a federalist direction.

People's Movement: "Campaigns against any measures that further develop the EU into a federal super-state and works to defend and enhance popular sovereignty, democracy and social justice in Ireland."

Irish Anti-War Movement : formed when the war in Iraq was pending.

Anti-War Ireland: formed as a result of disagreements in the Irish Anti-War Movement.

Pit-Stop Ploughshares has taken action against military refuelling.




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