USA Ambassador,
USA Embassy
Dublin 4
October 13 2001

Stop the Militarization of Space

Dear Ambassador,

Irish CND believes the terrorist attack on the 11th of September
constituted a crime against humanity and we empathise with the American
peoples grief and anger. We believe the perpetrators of this crime
should be brought to justice before an international criminal court so
that justice is done and seen to be done.

For many of us, the awful events of September 11 demonstrate:
That, given a determined enemy, there is no real security anywhere on
our planet against even the most primitive forms of attack
That defence against weapons of mass destruction, once they are
released, is utterly impossible
That, therefore, existing treaties against weapons of mass destruction
must be strengthened and developed, not undermined
That the proposed militarization of space with weapons of mass
destruction or with conventional weapons should be abandoned forthwith
That our only security and future lies in the development of a more
just and equitable world order where respect for international law and
the peaceful resolution of differences between nations great and small
becomes the norm

Together with our sisters and brothers across the world today, October
13, we join our voices in calling on your government to immediately stop
the bombing of Afghanistan and to pursue your just demands for
retribution through peaceful means. Above all, we call on your
government to strengthen the future security of our planet by your
support for nuclear disarmament worldwide and for a weapons-free space.

On behalf of the Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Billy Fitzpatrick
National Chairperson.


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