Sources of information on Ballistic missile defence ("Son of Star Wars":

Note: The term "Ballistic Missile Defence" is a general one covering National Missile Defence (focussing on activities supposedly ensuring the defence of the United States) and Theatre Missile Defence (focussing on activities in particular areas away from the United States).

Details of missile tests (from the Centre for Defense Information, March 2007)

Missile Defence (from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 2007)

The UK's Role in Star Wars (from Yorkshire CND, Spring 2003)

Moving beyond Missile Defence (from the International Network of Engineers and Scientists against Proliferation, September 2001)

Stop Star Wars (from Greenpeace International, April 2001)

Briefing on Missile Defence/Star Wars (from Friends of the Earth Sydney, March 2001)


General approaches to the militarisation of space is provided by the Institute for Cooperation in Space and by Reaching Critical Will.


Actions and events:

Actions in Britain in relation to the planned upgrading of tracking stations there are mentioned on the website of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases.

As part of the International Day of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space on 13th October 2001, Irish CND handed in a letter to the American Embassy in Dublin calling for an end to the missiles programme.

In July 2001 The Irish Times published a series of articles on missile defence. This is an unpublished letter to the editor from the Vice-chairperson of Irish CND giving our view of the issue.


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