Irish Lighthouses
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Rathlin Island lighthouses
Rathlin West Altacarry Rue Point
Rathlin West Altacarry Rue Point
Rathlin West I regret to say these pictures aren't really sharp enough to be made into prints, simply because the helicopter was being buffeted by high winds, however I am putting them on show in case you wish to see them and of course they are available as postcards, numbers 88 to 90 Yours truly
I returned to Rathlin Island in August 2012 with the Northern Extreme Irish Lighthouse Tour and took the pictures below
Rathlin West Altacarry Altacarry
Rathlin West Altacarry (Rathlin East) Altacarry
Altacarry Altacarry Altacarry

The Keeper's Cottages and view to the mainland


View from the ferry

Catching the light


  All pictures © John Eagle Photography  
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