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Eagle Island lighthouse for framing
Left my collie Quisha in a shed, gave her my jacket to lie on, and flew off to the island for the afternoon. Spent a couple of hours there, wandering around and taking pictures. There is a fair amount of rubble left over from the storm damage, see my book. Had tea, put my business card on the notice board (well I had to at the lighthouse with my own name) then we all got back in the chopper and flew back to Blacksod. Took Quisha for a swim and everything was cool in this County Mayo paradise. My thanks to Capt. Mick Conneely for flying me
Eagle Island
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The picture left I took on the island, it shows rubble left after one of the storms, and the old tower in the background. The picture right I got blown over taking, the ground was slippy and the winds were powerful. My Canon A-1 and 200 2.8 never worked very well after they landed in the muck with me. I rather liked that lens, with its retractable lens hood sadly lacking on the current EF 200 2.8 (the shot does not print very well)

all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography

Eagle Island


Since I took these pictures there have been severe changes made to Eagle Island lighthouse. The tower has been reduced significantly in height and it no longer resembles a lighthouse in the traditional sense, more like some castle. I was lucky to take the pictures I did, no longer possible
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