Irish Lighthouses
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Sligo Lights




#64 in the postcard series and also the back page of my Collins Press book The Metal Man #36 postcard Oyster Island #37 postcard

Ireland's Lighthouses

John Eagle Wheat Rock


  The Wheat Rock Buoy #66 postcard
Drove north from home for six hours, arriving at Rosses Point feeling drained and exhausted. Took a stroll down to the pier and asked if I could hitch a lift out to the lighthouse. (I had tried this before without success) A local introduced me to a friendly faced ginger haired man called Dr. Tom McCarrick who agreed to take me out in the bay. His catamaran was called 'Image' and provided me with the perfect platform for taking shots. I shall never forget how kind Tom was to me and how peaceful that trip on the water was after the long trip. You have to see Sligo Bay from a boat to appreciate the area. I met him a few times afterwards, once down in Baltimore where he was having a traditional sailing boat made. Tom MacSweeney was there as well making a programme for RTE, we all had a good meal. Happy memories. Alas my friend from Sligo has departed from us, but his kind memory lives on
all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography
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