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The Turlough
for Celestine

It is raining elsewhere

Vertical rivers reverse
stone floods
the karst domain
each sink turns source

Rock brings forth fruit elsewhere

The action of the clock
runs down
through fissured hours
wells up lost time

All is not lost elsewhere

The emigrant returns
old loves
reach out their arms
gold leaves fly up

Time heals all wounds elsewhere

Bullet returns fire from flesh
to gun
the dried stain weeps
bone knits again

No mark gets the cold deck elsewhere

Boxed by his court of spades
Jack wakes
from his stone watch
that springs each arch

London Bridge is falling down elsewhere

Circuits and gates collapse
in sand
the face the glass
composed breaks down

Raw head finds bloody bones elsewhere

Vast hands stop at the stretch
of blazing gas
and wrist of stars

The gods explode this turn elsewhere

Red giant and white dwarf
come in
in a blue shift
Venus meets Mars

There is thunder now elsewhere

Under an incandescent sky
flash floods
spread out this lake
is on no map


© Trevor Joyce