Integral Physics


Conventional Science is strongly analytic in nature counterpart where relationships between variables are treated in an unambiguous asymmetrical fashion.

Integral Science however is quite distinct and is based on a dynamic symmetrical understanding where complementarity as between the (opposite) physical and psychological aspects of variables is made explicit in cognitive terms. The very recognition of this symmetry - at all levels of investigation - greatly facilitates the intuitive recognition of the inherent spiritual unity of creation (which is the goal of Integral Science).

We are illustrating here one important aspect of Integral Science (i.e. Integral Physics) designed to represent the relationships which unfold at an Integral 1 level of understanding. Such understanding is based on the refined bi-directional understanding of H1 (i.e. the Circular Level or alternatively Subtle Realm) where opposite horizontal poles (exterior and interior) are reconciled. Indeed not only are the articles here listed related to the understanding of this level but in each case directly to the sub-levels involved. Therefore in each article the psychological dynamics of the sub-level in question are outlined as a prerequisite to establishing the precise nature of the complementary physical relationships associated.

Once again the full psychological spectrum can be translated precisely in qualitative mathematical fashion. The refined cognitive translations of the "higher" spiritual levels are directly appropriate for integral understanding..

This holistic mathematical translation then gives rise to a complementary (mirror) system of relationships directly applicable to a truly scientific interpretation of physical reality.

Integral (or Holistic) Physics is based on this complementary spectrum.

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