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Pipistrelle Papillons

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Hi! My name is Claire Anne Ahern.

I have owned Papillons for 38 years and have brought 21 of them to Championship, as well as two Bernese Mountain Dogs. Although I have not been showing for the past number years, my breeding is back in the ring and winning for other people. Some of my dogs have even become Superstars. I am still breeding and judging, and have done so in places as far away as Australia and Finland.
I am Secretary of the Papillon Club of Ireland.

The Club Show will be held in the same venue as The Irish Toy Dog Society. Please email if you would like a schedule for either.

I also paint.

In the New Year I am hoping to have a Pets Corner

If you would like to contact me

you can e-mail me by clicking here

The last word

Articles mostly from ICP [Irish Canine Press] .

updated 3rd January 2005

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